Monday, February 20, 2006

I didn't do it

You know the deal. If I haven't a decent photo to share, I give you my birdy friends hanging out on the feeder. Click the photo for a larger better view of my little winged friends. I had 3 breeds at the feeder this morning, but I believe only 2 are represented in the photo. My cat is too boring to snap photos of, and the dog would rather hang out with the boy or the kids.

Not much to report today. My prayer shawl has grown to 32 inches out of 60. I visited the MIL yesterday, and she's not getting any better. This shawl is so much frikken work that I swear if I didn't think that she'd absolutely love it, and use it in the hospital, I'd have quit long ago.

The Olympic knitting is coming along.. although a bit slow. I've finished the right front and about half the back. Then I need to do the left front, 2 sleeves, and the finishing work. By Sunday. I think that's feasible. Besides, I want to give it to my coworker Monday, as her days are getting short before little Cormick arrives(don't ask). I'll post an updated photo of that tomorrow.

We're on winter break this week, and my list of MUST DO's is rather small. They boy is home today which is nice as he usually doesn't have President day off. We're in the market for a new car (he wants a mini-van, and being that when I get *MY* SUV, this will be his car, we'll humor him, even if we rib him for being an old man) and my head is about to explode from looking at different makes and models. Aside from dropping my laptop in the kitchen, and feeling my heart stop as it hit the floor, there's no excitement at Casa Vacanze today. Perhaps tomorrow.


Jeanie said...

Sounds like you're feeling better -- how are your eyes?

Awesome Abby said...

I was also wondering how the headaches/eyes are doing...and how's the laptop?