Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Whatever

Some "holiday's" I have a hard time with. Halloween is particularly troublesome for me. I have no real reason for not like it, I just don't. I don't care much for Valentine's Day either. It's such a Hallmark holiday. But secretly part of me sometimes likes the idea of getting a gift from the one I love... just not because the calendar says he needs to get me one. But anyhow.. where was I. Oh yes. I read in the paper today that some crazy amount of Valentines Day cards will be given today (not counting those cheesy boxed kids one). Like 800,000. Or maybe it was million. I do not contribute to the Hallmark-ness of the holiday. I make my own card. Hallmark can keep their cards.

On another note, here is the promised photo of my Olympic knitting. No knitting was completed last night. I'm having issues with my eyes (I think my prescription is changing again, after not even a year) which are resulting in nasty headaches by the end of the day. So last night I sacked out in front of the TV, and did zip. It's 8:37 and there is a good chance that a similar situation will play out tonight. It's hard to knit when your head is pounding. My saving grace, is that next week is vacation. Which means lots of hours that can be spent on catch up knitting.

Tonight I think I'll do some mindless video game playing. That is what February is for, isn't it?


Jeanie said...

Funny... I feel the same way about Valentine's Day. Besides, I'd much rather get a card or flowers for no particular reason, not just because the calender says so. And to prove my point, this morning as DH was leaving for work and came to say goodbye to me, he wispered in my ear "happy Valentines Day". This made me giggle because truly, when you love someone, every day is Valentine's Day.

Awesome Abby said...

Can't wait to see what all you do during your vacation...and I hope you do "nothing", too, because you deserve it! The knitting looks great. :)