Sunday, February 26, 2006

Go For the Gold

(if you take half an hour to type a post, the gods smile on you and you get photos)

Good grief!!!! The Olympic gods are smiting me at every turn today. I finished my sweater this afternoon, and I've been trying to share it ever since. First I wanted to wait for it to dry. Right, I might as well have said I wanted to wait to get it on a year old baby. It took 3 tumbles through the dryer (and I don't recommend that, it need to partially dry and then dry flat the rest of the way to not curl), and then the battery in my camera died. So the boy lent me his camera... and now, blogger won't let me upload the photo. So I will try later on. But for now, I give you a bit of learned wisdom.

Knitting against the clock is both good and bad. Good because it pushes you to do better, go further and get it done. But on the other hand, life seems to know when the clock is ticking. I battled horrific headaches, sore eyes, exhaustion, and a million other distractions that had me almost throwing in the towel. Who needs this kind of stress I thought? But then I would read of others, who inspired me to the very end. Lene, who has had to give up knitting due to arthritis, did a stitch a day, and made a book mark. Stephanie, who had to travel and promote her books and rip out a whole sleeve and listen to bank tellers bash her lovely knitting olympic idea in public. Or this brave soul who knit socks for her hubby's size 12 feet. My boy has size 12 feet. I'd rather buy his socks at the local big box store.

This sweater will come to school with me tomorrow to be gifted to my friend and coworker. If I had to do it again, I'd pick a different yarn, and do the smaller size. I'm not to impressed with the way this yarn worked out. I'm not sure if it was the yarn, or the combo of the yarn in this pattern... but it's cute as heck anyhow.

I enjoy knitting. But I have a hard time sticking with one project. I get bored. I found having this sweater and the prayer shawl from hell both going helped. When I got bored with one, I worked on the other. I think this might be my new strategy. Maybe this way I'll actually finish up some of those other projects.


Jeanie said...

The little sweater turned out adorable!!! Congrats on finishing!!!

Awesome Abby said...

your work paid usual. BEAUTIFUL! :)