Thursday, February 16, 2006

Stop the World

Lord am I tired. I have this issue going on with my eyes, and for the past week it's just escalated and I'm having a hard time with my vision, and getting horrible headaches. And on top of that, it's making me damn tired. I think I have 3 weeks before my eye appt. and I'm thankful that one of them is vacation.

On a better note, the boy discovered that his company is giving them Monday off this year and he'll be home with us. Also, this idiotic issue was resolved tonight, thanks to a wonderful man named Jim- whom I'm grateful to for realizing that yes in fact his company handled the whole thing badly and apologized up and down. He's redeemed the situation as far as I'm concerned, but as for now, I'm still not shopping there.

My Olympic knitting is coming along slowly. This eye issue is making life hard. But I did work on it a bunch tonight, and as it is my first bottom up and first raglan sweater, I'm amazed at how it's coming along. I've never sewn in sleeves before and I'm a bit nervous. I'll have a photo probably Saturday for you.

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it was winter in the northeast, and it was 50 degrees out today. In mid February. The longest and coldest month we have. It will be down to 20 tomorrow (which after 50 will seem like 30 below) and I'm not looking forward to that at all. I'll keep the mild weather thanks. I'm so done with winter.. bring on the warm.

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Awesome Abby said...

YOu know, it was 70 today, here, too...and by tomorrow night/saturday, it's to be in the 20's and 30's. crazy. and i wonder why my son can't seem to complete ONE WHOLE WEEK at school with his lungs. UGH.

glad the issue is resolved...and that you finally talked to someone with some sense. I still don't blame you for not shopping with them any more, though.

i'll hope that the 3 weeks goes by quickly...there's not much worse than headaches and eyesight troubles.