Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The answer to life, the universe and everything... is 42. But what is the question? 4-2=2 and 4x2=8. If you put those two numbers together, you get 28. 28 is not the answer to the question. Nor is it the age I currently reside at. It was neither the number of sunny days this winter (we've passed it) nor the number of days during the Olympics. Check out that gold medal. Thanks Steph! It is however the number of days in February. AKA the worst month.

Thankfully, there are only 28 days in February. How is it that the shortest month of the year seems to last sooooooooooooo long?? How is it, that the days in December are shorter, yet February seems so dark and dismal? Maybe it's some kind of blip in the time space continuum. Maybe it's mother nature's way of knocking us down before bringing us back up with spring.

Whatever it is, it's over. Today is the last day of February. The last day of the "dead of winter". They don't call it the dead of winter for nothing. It was minus nine degrees when we trotted off on our walk to school this morning. Minus nine. That was before the wind chill factor. Our policy is that if it's 15 degrees or warmer the kids can go out for recess. We haven't had recess for 2 days now. It was minus 84 on the top of Mt. Washington yesterday. The jokers that work in the observatory (you couldn't pay me enough, they are nuts!!) were opening the door, and tossing out boiling water to watch it freeze as soon as it hit the air. Good times. Good times.

Tomorrow brings a new month. A chance to look forward to brighter, and hopefully warmer days. We'll talk about why I like March tomorrow, but for now I just want to enjoy the glow of being able to say farewell to February. See you next year.

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Awesome Abby said...

guess what? your most dreaded time of year is now officially over!!! WoOO HOOOO!!!!