Friday, April 07, 2006

G is for....

G is for... Grumpy.

According to Grumpy is an adjective meaning: Surly and peevish. Cranky.

Adjectives for this word are; Crabby, cross, grouchy, ill-tempered, irritable.

I like peevish. Surly is good too. A rough definition of surly as an adjective, states it is "an ugly frame of mind."

Ugly is how my mood feels. I can almost feel it radiating off of my face. My skin oozes with ill-temperedness. I feel short and snappy and downright rotten. I am in a rotten mood.

I didn't start out this way. Although, after the week I had it would be warranted. I was at school until 8pm Monday night, got pulled out to run the book fair all afternoon Wed, then again most of the day yesterday. I was already scheduled to work at it last night, but then didn't get out till 8pm again. And to add insult to injury, I had to go back to school today, on my day off, for CPR from 11-5. All this considered I was in a pretty good mood.

I'm not sure when it went south. I have an idea though. He's playing video games in front of me on the TV. I don't blame him entirely. The moons are lined up and day 30 approaches on Tuesday, so it is just a given that I will be grouchy this weekend. I hate feeling irritable. I hate it more when there is nothing that I can do to change it. Even my kids pick up on it now, and call me on it. And there's not a lot I can tell them. "Sorry. I'm feeling surly and peevish. Come back next week."

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Awesome Abby said...

I love your blog. I've missed not reading your wit and wisdom each day. You make me smile. Peevish, surly, or otherwise. :)