Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hang it Out....

One of the things I managed to get done this week (my list was long, but that's a post for a different day.. tomorrow perhaps) was to tighten up my clothes line. Today, which is one of my laundry days, happened to be a perfect day to hang clothes out on the line. It was warm, but more than that, it was breezy.

The first hang of the season. I actually hummed as I hung out the wash. I love my clothes line. I got it for Mother's day a bunch of years ago (yes, I asked for it) and I have enjoyed it more than I could begin to tell you. Except for last year. There was so much house working going on (roof, clapboard, painting) that I barely used it at all. And I missed it. A lot.

There's something about hanging your clothes out to dry that soothes your soul the way that enjoying a cup of hot tea while you watch the snow fall does. It's a chore that millions of women before me have done since, well, they began wearing clothes. Generations of women, united in one simple act. Taking care of the ones they love.

I love the smell of laundry that has been hung out to dry. I love the process of shaking the clothes out, and pinning them up on the line. I love to see them blowing in the wind, changing color as the water dries out of them. I love the quiet time that I spend out there hanging the wash. You can't rush hanging the laundry. You have to take the time, and so why not enjoy it? Hanging out the wash actually requires more time than tossing the clothes into the nearby dryer, but in my opinion it's worth every minute.

Of course, I am particular about my how I hang my wash (you had to know that).

* I don't like my wash hung out for the world to see. You'll notice my clothes line is tucked into a little corner made by two parts of my house. I planned it that way. While I love driving in the country and seeing sheets and laundry hung out between two trees, I live on a busy corner in a small town. I like my laundry a bit set back.

* I use fabric softener, to get rid of that "stiff off the line" feeling. I'm picky about what it smells like. Some fabric softener smells too flowery, or too perfumey.. I don't care for that at all.

* I don't hang out jeans. Jeans don't feel good when they've hung on the line. I don't' hang out towels either. My family doesn't like stiff scratchy towels, and I don't want them to be unhappy. Likewise, I don't hang up things that go on your feet or under your clothes. I don't mind drying a few loads.. the rest gets hung out on the line.

* I hang all my shirts upside down. Pin marks are less noticeable on the bottoms of shirts than they are at the shoulder. This also helps to maintain the shape of the shirt. It doesn't get that "funny hung on the line" look.

* I shake out my clothes before I hang them. This helps get rid of wrinkles. I shake them out after I take them down. This helps get rid of hitchhikers that want to stow away into my house.

This year I'm looking into some shade loving plants to put out there near my clothes line. I'm looking to spend some quality time out there this year.


Julia Ann White said...

Oh man...I am totally loving how you methodically do your HANGING OF YOUR LAUNDRY. How theraputic.

What kind of clothespins do you use??

OneScrappyChick said...

Umm, some plastic no rust pins that I picked up at Wal-Mart a few years ago.