Thursday, April 13, 2006

Random Wednesday

Wait..what?!?! It's not Wednesday??? Well... too darn bad! Here's some random things.

1. You should NOT, I repeat, NOT drink beer on an empty stomach when you are trying to type up minutes for a meeting that you have much later on in the day. While a beer after work might sound like a good idea, when you get home before dinner and it's been a long time since lunch.. not so good. The scary part is that it's light beer. Nuff said.

2. I had a 2. Wait, it's coming. Nope. I seem to have lost it.

3. We got our official last day of school. Wednesday June 21st. What makes me sad, is that originally we were getting out on the Friday before. Nothing beats Friday as the last day of school. Especially since it's a half day and the kids all leave at lunch time. Last year we had our end of year picnic that afternoon and it was nice. This year it's on a Friday evening, and aside from not being sure if I'm attending, I'm not sure if we get our half day or not. That's a bummer. We won't discuss yet how hot it gets in an old hundred and some odd year old brick school building in late June. Let's just say we hit 102 degrees one day last year.

4. Lent is almost over. I gave up sweets for lent this year. Every year I give up something, and I never make it through until Easter. It has been hard. I have been tempted. I have gone through 2 cycles with no chocolate. I keep asking myself why I do this. But this year I was bound and determined to last the whole 40 days. 2 more days to go baby.. 2 more days to go.

5. There is something about a man in the kitchen cooking dinner.... especially when you didn't ask him to do it. I enjoy watching the boy cook. It's a recent development, just over the past few years. It amazes me how different we are from each other. I clean as I go. He does it at the end. The giant mess would bother me, but he could care less. In between things, I am multitasking. Helping people with homework, going through papers, making shopping lists, etc. etc. He reads the paper. Stares out the window. Gets ready for the next thing in the step. Sometimes he read the whole recipe through, and figures out things he can do while he's doing other steps. Most often, he follows the recipe and a 30 minute prep time turns into over an hour. And it doesn't bother him. One. Stinking.Bit.

6. Six more school days until Spring break. One day off in May for Memorial Day (which happens to fall on my birthday this year, does it get any better than that?). 43 more days of school until Summer Break. And I have a day next week that I will be on a field trip at an ALPACA FARM in Vermont. How cool is that?? Bring it on .. I am so ready for the year to end.

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Awesome Abby said...

Two more days? You can do it! I'm proud of you! And...only 6 more days until spring break? I think you'll be able to make it til the 21st of June after freshening up during SB!