Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Random Wednesday

OK kiddies, it's that time of the week again. A random hodgepodge of what's going on in my little world. It's May, and if you live in my chilly neck of the woods, May means nothing to you. You can't plant in May, because once you have your plants in the ground.. there will be a frost. And they will die. Ask me how I know this. I tempted the god's ONE year, because I was convinced I knew better than them. I wasn't. That doesn't stop me from buying plants. I have an enclosed porch, and as long as I don't open the windows or put the screen in the door, it stays warm out there. Even at night. To the left we have some rosemary and lemon thyme that are going to go in my herb garden. Actually.. herbs you can plant in may, so long as it's not Basil or parsley and there isn't going to be a frost for a week. Once they get settled herbs are pretty hardy. I was going to plan these Monday after school, and I forgot. I am in no rush, I'll plant them next week.

This, you might recognize, is the yarn I ripped out of that sock from hell, and started over. I am making Harlot socks. Now, it's a pretty basic sock pattern, one I've actually mostly knit before, but I am knitting this exact version out of Steph's newest book. So hence, I am calling them Harlot Socks. Once I get past the ribbing, I have 7 inches of plain vanilla. Boring row after row of plain ole' knitting. I thought long and hard before I decided not to do the lace pattern from my other socks that I really did enjoy. The next 7 weeks are going to be crazy, and I need some mindless knitting that I can pick up and not think too much about. Hence, Harlot Socks. It's interesting to see the color pattern that is emerging on the sock without the lace pattern. I think these are going to look great with blue jeans!

Speaking of books.. Do you read Post Secret? I do.. faithfully every week. I believe I've posted before about it. I was at the library last night for a Trustee's meeting, and noticed Post Secret on the "Have you read these books?" table. I finished it tonight. It's one of those things you pick up, and it's hard to put down. And as much as some of those secrets make you think that basically we all hide from the same dark fears.. it also made me realize that I've got it pretty good. I recommend it. Warning, some of the postcards are a bit graphic in nature. It's not for the week at heart.

Here, we have exhibit A. First, take notice of the missing birds at the feeder. I love spring, but I miss the flurry of daily activity at my bird feeder. I know that spring brings much better eats.. elsewhere. Worms, and grubs, and insects and all sorts of yummy treats.. but good ole' seed still resides in my nut tree... and the die hard birds still visit. And then of course, there are these damn pigeons.
I sadly realize, that in order to get rid of them for good, I need to take down my bird feeders. I am not willing to do that, so I must suffer with these blasted birds. Eleventy-hundred more showed up right after this, but I didn't have the heart, or the stomach to snap a shot of them. I did go around and scare the crap out of them instead.

And lastly, we have this. The prayer shawl of doom. I knit and knit, and yet, I am only half way done. OK, maybe I haven't knit on it in a while. I did do a few dozen rows a weekend or so ago. I have guilt. I thought this would be a quick knit and I could send if off. It is turning out to be more like a small afghan. However, my MIL's health issues' still aren't resolved, so I keep plugging on. I will probably take it up north this weekend. Seven plus hours in the car by the time it's all said and done should equal a good amount of progress on the shawl. Especially if I bring nothing else with me. I don't know if that will be possible. I think it's too bulky to knit on during the Pan Fest, and I think I'll bring the sock for that. But no sock knitting in the car. Unless the shawl decided to stay behind at a rest stop. And then all bets are off.

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Awesome Abby said...

OH, i eagerly await each sunday when there are new secrets! and i so badly want the book...but no job = no books, and we have a small-town library. some day, i'll pick it up on ebay for a fraction of the new cost. yes, graphic...esp. when you show your MOTHER the website and there is, well....stuff you don't view with your mother sitting beside you, for sure. ugh. LOVE post secret.