Friday, October 06, 2006

I Just Can't Seem To Get it Right Today

For your viewing pleasure.... some maple trees in my back yard. (well.. this is really the front of my house.. but that's a complex story) These are not sugar maples like the one further down on the blog.. sugar maples turn orange/red. Regular maples turn this lovely yellow. Has to do with the type of pigments in the tree. I looked out the window this afternoon, and saw this view with the leaves on the ground, and the light just right.. and I had to go out and shoot it. Isn't it lovely? Fall rocks.

I'm almost done knitting a baby sweater for my co-worker who's last day at school before her leave is Wednesday. I realized that one sleeve is a little longer than the other. I've come a long way baby. Before I would've freaked... this time I shrugged it off. "Piece of cake. I can fix that later." was my exact thought. I plan on finishing it this weekend.

I wanted to go to the beach over the long weekend. I love the beach in the fall and the weather is supposed to be great. I remembered (well The Boy reminded me) that I have to have my teeth cleaned Monday at 2pm. A stupid appt. that I rescheduled from the second day of school. I hate having my teeth cleaned. The scraping noise drives me batty. And my gums always bleed. Every time. A lot. I hate that too. So we'll find something else fun to do. Love me a three day weekend.

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Julia Ann White said...

I just learned something about MAPLES today! Wow...and I loved your picture. Ya..."Scrape" and "Teeth" shouldn't go in the same sentence!!! Have a good week my friend...I love to visit your blog.