Thursday, June 28, 2007

"God Made Rainy Days...

so gardener's could get the housework done." (unknown)

Garden... end of May (when first planted)

Garden.. end of June (28th)

It's amazing to me to look at the photo from a month ago. Because I see it every day, I didn't realize what a transformation was going on in my garden. I added 6' stakes for my tomatoes. I took out all but one of my zucchini's (the others weren't growing as well under the shade of those big leaves) and added some bamboo supports for my sugar peas. Today I went out to take these photos and noticed little yellow flowers on a whole slew of my plants that weren't there Monday. I'm a little nervous about the pumpkins (the plans in the right back side of this box).. but I've always said this was a trial year.

Next Year the garden will look tidier and less crowded. There won't be so many tomatoes or peppers. I'm still not sure about the watermelon/baby pumpkins/zucchinis yet. The Boy recommended putting in 2 more boxes in front of those. I'm not sure I want to take over the whole yard, but in the secret parts of my mind I think it's a fabulous idea!! The marigold's seem to be doing a fine job of keeping the bugs away, so far I've only seen ants. The only thing that failed to grow, was the green onions, and that may be because I didn't plant them deep enough and the birds got to the seeds. An oriole has been visiting this week.. the first one to ever come to my yard. I couldn't be more happy.

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