Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Color Purple (or why I can't take a good photo of it)

What a busy weekend. The storms that wracked out state yesterday missed us entirely... and I managed to get my lawn mowed and finished the vegetable garden. I'll share photos of it the first sunny day we get. (looks like Wednesday) It came out fabulous in my opinion. I didn't quite follow the directions, but hey.. I'm not a follower. I painted the second coat of the ceiling yesterday, but I was fighting a sore neck, a horrific headache and called it a day. The ceiling paint was a shade of white, that was on the same color card as the purple, called Heavenly White. It has a light purple tint to it, that is only visible against the white of the primer. It looks sooooooooo good next to the wall color.

Today I put two coats of Sherwin Williams Obi Lilac up on the walls. I didn't do the inside of the closet yet, but the rest of the room is finished. When I primed the room, the inside of the closet was the worst part (mostly due to the fumes) and so I decided to do that by itself on a different day as to not lose steam before I finished. It went pretty quick.. 2.5 hours per coat (Ms. Thang's room isn't that big) and she's super excited. During this week I'll get the trim done and the dreaded closet. Minus the floor, I'm shooting to be finished before the weekend.

None of these photos is a good representation of the actual wall color. The flash made the purple too light and bright, the light on/no flash gave it a magenta hue, and the light on and flash semi-gave it the best view. This is the closest of all the photos I took to what the wall actually looks like, just not quite so dark. I'm hoping to get a better photo later in the week when it's done and sunny again. Or, I might never get a decent photo of the color.. some colors are funny that way. Either say, I'm happy that we're almost finished. Ms. Thang is happy too. She wants her room back.


Lissa Ballard said...

Beautiful Beth!


MsGrace said...

Looks good Beth!