Monday, June 18, 2007

The Future's Looking Good To Me.....

This morning we promoted our 6th grade class to middle school. We awarded them for a job well done, encouraged them to go on and do better things, and congratulated them for surviving elementary school. This class that sat up on the stage today, scared to death, is very similar yet very different then the class that sat out on the lawn 6 years ago and received their "what I'm most proud of" certificates in first grade. They've added some new faces (4 just this year alone) and lost a few friends. Out of 26, less than a dozen of them have been in school together this whole time. While we waited for the ceremony to start this morning, we watched the K-2 classes out on the lawn having their awards ceremony and reminisced (as much as we could with our necks crooked looking down from the 3rd floor window).

We talked about younger siblings that were out on the lawn and how small and tiny they were. We remembered field trips we have gone on and friends who have moved away. We talked about shows they have been in and projects they have done (giant ocean dioramas and quarter long Biome projects). I looked around and remembered who has gone "out" with who, and first crushes and best friends. As I looked out on the primary grades I was brought back to the lawn. I can still remember standing there and watching them get their certificates. Chuckling over what they were most proud of and thinking of how big they were.. getting ready to move on to 2nd grade.

Today, as I watched them be applauded for their accomplishments, and sing their "graduation song" so quietly (we practiced that song to death and they were sooooooooo good last week) that we could barely hear in the back where I was taking photos... I was filled with pride. I am proud of what they have done in their 6 years in our school. I am proud of the young men and women they are growing into. Most of all, I am proud to have known each and every one of them. Good luck Class of 2013, and congratulations.

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Sgt said...

I love some of the facial expressions frozen in time.

The look ready for the future.. but could use some work with those ties. ;-)

Lissa Ballard said...

Congratulations on the graduation! I love their expressions and some of the girls look like they're so done with "boys" in general lol...

I can't imagine how nice it would be to have just 26 people in the class.... What a great school they must go to!

Congrats to all the grads and their teachers and aides too. You all deserve so much credit for getting them all this far!