Friday, June 22, 2007

In Which We Can't Take a Good Photo ....

I've tried early morning, mid afternoon and evening. I've tried flash, no flash, lights on with flash, lights off with flash.. Lights on with no flash.. and nothing I've taken can capture the color that I painted Ms. Thang's bedroom. Through the wonders of PSP, this is as close as you are going to get. It's not this color. It's close to this color. but not quite. It's darker, and a little more plummy. It's beautiful. I'm so disappointment with how the photos come out that I almost didn't share any with you. But after all this work I figured a bad representation was better than none at all.

It was quite an overhaul. We took out some bad trim, and added trim where there wasn't any. We had new glass put in her window (it's not painted yet, I'm waiting for the glazing to cure) and redid all her outlets and switches. The Boy got out his Brasso and shined up her door plates to a lovely sheen. We replaced the handle of her closet. We tried to fix it so the handle didn't have to go on backwards (that always bugged me).. but the door is on backwards and there isn't anything we can do short of taking the whole thing down and starting over. No thanks. I hated to paint the bricks, but they had been painted once an awful red color, and so I painted them purple to match her walls. I took the shelves which were stained an awful brown and painted them white.

Her floor, along with all the floors upstairs is missing. The prior owner discovered the old wide plank boards under the hardwood and took all the hardwood out and finished the wide planks. It's not a bad look.. they are the original floors. But they have been stained, and scuffed and dinged and beaten. Tomorrow morning my neighbor down the street is coming to give us a quote on sanding it down and sealing it. The color under that stain is a lovely raw wood color and I don't plan on changing that. I think it will be gorgeous when it's done. We have never sanded/finished a floor and don't want to screw it up. The end is in sight.. I can almost see it now.

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