Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Tale of Two Cats.. and a Dog

We have been having the wackiest weather! If my vegetables survive it will be amazing. Between the torrential rains, and the frigid temps... I'm not so sure it's almost summer. Except my calendar says so.. and there's only 9 more school days to go. I've almost finished the first coat of trim... it's slow going with trim... can't get it on the walls. My goal was to be finished by this weekend.. I think we'll make it. (minus the floor) I got a message on voice mail today that the furniture will arrive bw. 10 and 2 pm tomorrow. So not ready for furniture yet. So. Effing. Tired.

Bailey and Cassie (the dog) are getting along much better. Bella is becoming a little more tolerant of her, but not too much. She gets about 4-5 minutes of quiet "being near time" before Bella hisses and spats. I find it amusing that Bella and Cassie are getting along so well. But it took Bella a year to get used to the dog enough to get out in the room with her, so she's come a long way. She's also old (8 years) and set in her ways.. and Bailey is invading "her house".

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