Monday, May 01, 2006

A post a day.. In May

In honor of my birthday month.... I'm going to take a photo each day, and then post..about it, or something totally non-related. Being it's 11:00pm and I just decided this..for today, and today only.. I offer you a photo that I didn't take today. In fact, I didn't take it at all. The boy took it on Easter. It's a shot of the Forsythia bushes his parents have growing in their back yard. The best part of him taking this photo, is that my BIL was wearing a Corona shirt, that matched it perfectly. What would've rocked, was if he had a photo of him standing in front of the bushes. I hate Forsythia... so y'all should be impressed that I even posted that picture here. I wanted something springy, and it was the best I could find. Tomorrow I'll do better.

Going back to school today, after a whole week off, kicked my sorry arse. I went for a walk with the boy after dinner, then sat down in the chair to wait for the kids to get out of the shower so I could clean the bathroom..and fell fast asleep. Needless to say, the bathroom still isn't clean. However, tomorrow's post will be about the wonderful surprise I woke up to.

I mentioned that I had a long list of things I wanted to do during spring break... some of which involved starting my spring cleaning, finishing the raking, getting the screens in (the ones I take down), finishing knitting my socks, and probably a bunch of other stuff I've long forgotten about. And then, there was the possibility that things at school were going to change after we got back. And on the first day of vacation, I spring cleaned the downstairs bathroom (I always start there, it's the smallest room in the house and it's instant gratification) and started the raking. And feeling tired at the end of that day, I had a realization. If I busted my arse all week long, it wasn't going to help me feel rested and ready to get through the next 7 weeks. And so, I decluttered a bunch of stuff to the recycle center, and I did get the screens up, and finish the raking... and rearranged some stuff in my house. But the spring cleaning.. yah.. no more on that front. I plan to do the rest slowly, in bits. I don't have a pressing urge this year to get it done for some reason. The sock.. well you know what happened to the sock. Yesterday I sat out in the sun and cast on a new sock. I'll share a photo of it later this week, and give a little update on that. I did some reading. I did some cleaning, and even some scrapping. And I finished the week feeling well rested and ready to go back to work.

Today, well today kicked my butt. But the situation at work has been resolved in a manner that doesn't involve change on my part. My friend got a good health report from the doctor, he suspects it was stress (so did I), and she came back to work today. The person who stepped into her spot while she was out, is going to stay there, and she is going to take their spot instead. (this person was subbing long term for a teacher who was in Afghanistan, and is back to school this marking term.. and so she had been filling in for someone we lost in March..). So that's a little complicated to explain.. but I get to keep on keeping on.. until June. And then, I'll be back in July for summer school..but that's a post for another day.

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