Sunday, January 08, 2006

Snow Days

Sometimes the best moments are captured unaware. I sent the boy out to take a photo of our mountain. We've had a bit of snow this week, including last night, and the white mountain against the blue sky (blue sky? I almost didn't recognize it) is a striking image. So he decided to hit the usual "great spots" for taking photos of the mountain.

One happens to be down at the top of the playground at school. Our playground is in two parts. The upper part, and then the lower field. Lower implies a hill, which is just perfect for sledding. In fact, we have saucers at school for just this thing. The kids love sledding during recess. Anyhow, Ms. Thang was down at the school sledding. Props to me for letting her be there in the first place. Alone. I've come a long way this year. *turns out our neighbor was there with her little daughter, but still*.

So anyhow, the boy cleverly stood at the top of the hill, and took some kick @ss photos of the sledding going on and brought them home for me. This is one of my favorites. I love the ones he took before anyone noticed he was standing there. Way to spend an afternoon, don't you think?

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Awesome Abby said...

This is SUCH a great photo! Lucky you for having a boy who can take great ones! :)