Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The State Of The Union

Sit. Stand. Clap. Sit. Blah Blah Blah. Sit. Clap. Stand. Sit. Blah Blah Blah.

I hate the State of the Union address. I firmly believe that if they saved all the effing clapping until the end, the speech would last 20 minutes and we could get back to prime time TV viewing. We do it at Graduations across the country, and even elementary students understand, "save your clapping until the end", so why can't the congress seem to catch on?

I hate the politics of it all. Half the crowd sits, the other half stands, half the crowd cheers (what was up with that one loud guy, someone shut him up!), half the crowd shakes their heads. It's one lousy a$$ speech, just sit their and nod. Pretend like you care, and then go home and hash it out later.

And what is up with that lady in the pink dress? Did she miss the memo that everyone was wearing black or navy blue? And did they have to sit her right in the front row? What about that section of red in the back? Did they plan that I wonder. Are they trying to make a point? Who the heck knows, or really cares. Congress cracks me up though. It's like an ugly tie contest. I wonder if they stand their getting dressed, and think to themselves, "Which hideous tie should I wear tonight?" Give me a break.

I won't push my political views of the speech on you. Nor will I drag out my "why I hate G.W.B" speech.. there's no need for that. Dubya says our Union is strong. And he sure laid out some wordy proposals for the next year. It amazes me that.. no, wait. I digress. I promised to keep my big fat mouth shut. I will say this...after all that, I remember about 3 points he made. Mostly all I heard was.. blah blah blah. Clap Clap Clap.


Awesome Abby said...

i am the least political person i know, and all i would have heard is the same thing, minus the three points that stuck with you, and i would have noticed the pink dress and the red chunk in the back...that is the stuff i notice. always.

Carly said...


U think that soldier's wife EVER wears a monkey suit like the one they put her in? She's beautiful - it didn't "suit" her at all.

I made all sorts of sarcastic remarks until the republican husband started snarling at me. mwahahaha


OneScrappyChick said...

hahahaha..I have one of those republican husbands also..we shouldn't be allowed to watch speaches together. LOL

Jeanie said...

This is hilarious!!! Made me "laugh out loud" quite a bit!