Saturday, January 14, 2006

Some light hearted fun...

FYI, my bloodtype is B+, but boy does this fit me to a tee!

Your Inner Blood Type is Type A

You seem cool and collected, though a bit shy.
You are highly driven and a perfectionist, but that's a side you keep to yourself.
Creative and artistic, you are a very unique person who doesn't quite fit in.
People accept you more than you realize, seeing you as trustworthy and loyal.

You are most compatible with: A and AB

Famous Type A's: Britney Spears and Hilter


Lissa said...

LOL Beth, I'm an A like you but my blood type is O+... as ordinary as can be...

Awesome Abby said...

hmmm....i was a b....but i don't really agree with it. i think the A description fits me well, and i have NO idea what type my blood is.