Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yarny Goodness

So, I got some money for Christmas. And I thought for a long time what I wanted to buy with it. I planned on saving up for a steel drum of my own, but was having a hard time justifying the expense. Then the boy sold my old laptop and gave me the cash. And I said..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh never mind. I need to shop. Retail therapy is always good. Especially when the universe is messing with you.

I got a ball winder. Previously I have been winding hanks of yarn by hand. The boy would like a swift to come along with that, but for now I use his arms. To the left of the ball winder (the white thing that looks like a tube) are 4 balls of Rowan Cashsoft DK Baby. 3 balls of a lovely pale orange and one of a lovely lemon yellow. The yellow is going to be socks, and the orange is going to be a baby sweater for a yet to be concieved neice or nephew.

In front of the Rowan, is the pattern for Elizabeth I from Knitpicks. The deep red/brown color on top of the pattern is the yarn to make one of the scarves. I just don't know which. My first dabble into lace. I'm nervous about lace. Next to Elizabeth I is Knit Lit the third. Love a good read.. specially when it involves yarn.

Next to that is Nursery Knits by Zoe Moeller. If you're going to be knitting for lots of babies, you need a good book. This was on clearance and I loved it anyhow so I snatched it up. Next to the book is a set of size 11 dpn's.. a pair of size 3 Brittany Birch Needles (short), a pair of size 2 needles, Knit Picks Sock Memories yarn for socks for myself, and 2 skeins of Knit Picks Simple Stripes yarn that is going to be made into a sweater for my favorite little man (in the back..). That sock yarn is leaning on a pom-pom tree. I couldn't resist. I hate making pom-poms and this makes it so easy. And last but not least, some daisy blocking pins.

All in all, a good haul. And I never stepped foot out the door. I think I have enough projects to keep me busy until spring.


Awesome Abby said...

Oooh...lots of goodies! fun stuff! can't wait to see what you do!

KathyMarie said...

Great haul! I'd love to see what that dark red/brown wants to be. Have fun!

Jeanie said...

Great yarn porn!!!