Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stop The Year...I Want To Get OFF!

Sometimes, things are just bigger than you can get a handle on. Every so often, just when you feel like you have a good grip on stuff, and things are actually going pretty OK... the universe throws one at you that knocks you right off your feet. Or maybe two. Or in my case three.

First there was a scarey health issue with a family member. That issue still hasn't been settled yet, and so the stress was already rising.
Then, we had the thing with the taxes. OK I thought. This all sucks, but after some venting and a good night's sleep, it wasn't so huge and terrible, just big. Ever have one of those "things can't get much worse" kind of thoughts? So did I. I was wrong.

Today, I found out that due to a shortage of funds next year in the district (remember how I mentioned that the bulk of my taxes is going to the school district and how this burns my ass?) our hours are being cut by 1 1/4 hours a week next year, which possibly will affect our health insurance and most defiantly our wages.. with these reduced wages we might have to shell out some $$ for our insurance on top of that. Because we do have to find 1.5 million dollars somehow, and screwing our employee's seems like the best bet.

We'll know next week just exactly what the damage is after a vote on Monday. And then, the voters have to approve the school budgets in March, and with that starts the next slew of "lets see what else we can cut out" rounds. I feel like throwing in the towel for this year already, and it just started.


Awesome Abby said...

Well, Beth, I have lots of sympathies to offer you, and one thing I'm good at is prayer, so I'll get started now. Keep us posted, and I'll be praying for the best outcome for you. XOXOX Hang in there.

KathyMarie said...

Jeez, what a crazy couple of days you've been having! I'm thinking calm thoughts for you, and hoping for a sensible outcome at the vote!

And in case you need a laugh, the word I had to verify to post this comment was "corno." No kidding.