Monday, May 08, 2006

While You Were Out...

This is the post I intended to make yesterday. I didn't have it in me. I got home, after a long busy day, and had eleven hundred things to take care of. Boring stuff like laundry, and unpacking and paying bills. And then I went to bed. To say I was exhausted would be a gross understatement. I was exhausted Saturday. Come 10ish.. I was ready for bed. I was out like a light by 10:30. At appx. 3:30, Mr. Man got up to pee. Of course I woke up. And then I couldn't fall back asleep! For an hour. The boy was snoring, the pillow wasn't mine, I couldn't get comfortable, I missed my bed.. it was too light.. a million different things. Around 4:30 I fell back asleep to have to get up 2 hours later. The bags under my eyes Sunday morning were enough to make me wish I had some of that magic eye goop. Fortunately they went away after a few hours. That exhaustion however..yah.. hasn't gone away yet. It was a long day at school.

We did breakfast, and a bit of photo taking of the SNOW at the top of Mt. Washington that had fallen over night (take note of how it must be near freezing in order to snow. It was 31 when we got up Sunday.) I was wearing floral capri's and a short sleeve shirt. A thin one I might add at that. And flip flops. Before we left home, I hemmed about how I didn't have my fleece. And the Boy said, it's ok, you won't need it I have mine. Except he's bigger than I am, and the fleece is loose on him, and it wasn't enough to keep me warm. I froze inside that arena (did I mention it's a hockey arena we played in?) all day long. To the point of eventually I was standing with a blanket wrapped around me. Cold.

Other than that.. the Pan Fest rocked!!! First thing after we got there they had a rehearsal of a song the bands had learned to play together for the finale. (ours didn't because we brought 3 groups and which one would get to play? yah, you see the problem??).. All the different bands playing one song was cool. What was cooler, was that our kids group got to play first. They kicked off the fest and they rocked! I loved standing in the crowd (taking photos with my friends camera for her, so I have none) and listening to the other groups and people talk about hor our kids group rocked. Because they totally do.

We played after this guy who did a solo. Doesn't belong to a group.. just plays by himself. He's got a kick arse state of the art brand new style pan... and boy did it sound like he was playing 3 parts by himself. It was very humbling to play after him. Our group doesn't have this many people in it. Some of the ladies in our other adult group came and played with us (we share and we've lost a lot of people this year) and it was a rocking good time!

We stayed for a few more hours after that. I'd like to say we did what we were supposed to, and stayed until the end to support all the other bands. But we didn't. We left for lunch around 1pm, and didn't go back. I was frozen through the core. I ended up changing into my jeans in the van while the boy went in and got our chairs (love that big blanket) and put on a hoodie over my shirt. I feel a bit of guilt about that, and next time (every other year it's in Maine and we don't play there) I will be better prepared for a chilly day in early May. I will dress better and plan better and we will stay and support that last band. But not this year.

On the way home we did some more sight seeing, which I will share with you tomorrow. I still have more laundry to take care, and more bills to pay, and photos to upload (and did I mention 24 is on?) so I can pick them up tomorrow on the way back from bringing Ms. Thang to the drs. I will share about that too, Wed. if it's sort of ok, and tomorrow. instead of the way home if it's not. Just say a few prayers if you are inclined please. Thanks!

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Uh-oh now I'm worried. Hope all is OK.