Friday, July 07, 2006

July 6th- So.Very.Tired

In lieu of a fabulous posting from yesterday (which will make it into my book, fret not, and I will post for today later).. I give you:

Google Searches that Lead People Here

1. Manly Cards. Now, I'm certain that I have never done a blog entry on cards, never mind manly cards.. but I have made many manly cards in my time. Here's some hints: Use dark colors. Navy, burgundy, black, deep browns, and greys work very well. Men don't like frilly. Nor do they like sappy very much. I've done cards using game themes, (cards, chess etc.), ocean themes, I've actually made several cards with ties on them... use your imagination. So long as it doesn't scream girly, you are OK.

2. Carpenter Ants. Ahh yes, the bane of my existence this year. Here's what we did, and it seems to have worked, because the ants are mostly outside the house and not inside anymore. Go to the store, and get yourself a box of ant poison. Terro works great. It comes in an orange box. What you do, it take a bit of the box, or some other cardboard, and put a drop or so of Terro on it. The stuff is like Corn Syrup, nice and thick and sticky. Put it in a spot where your pets and children can't get it.. or threaten them with bodily harm if they touch it. Check it often. When you notice it's been all eaten up.. put some more out. The ants will bring it back to their nest, and wipe out the whole thing. Fabulous stuff.

3. Safeguard Soap. Now you should know, that I don't use soap of any sort. I have rather fussy skin when it comes to soap, and so I use body wash. Some lovely citrusy stuff that I get at Target. I don't know what it's called, but it works well. Nor does anyone in my house use Safeguard soap. The boy and the kids have dry skin and they use a moisturizing bar. However, if you are looking for a wicked cool science experiment using an old microwave, safeguard soap works very well. Wear eye protection!

4. Barometric Pressure. Ahh, one of my old friends. The barometric pressure and I are actually arch enemies. I have pain issues. All sorts. Back, mostly.. and leg pain. My leg pain is a result of two things. A bad knee, and a problem with the hip on the other leg. To make a long story short, as a result of a car accident 13 years ago, my left hip is jammed up into the hip socket, and fused there, making my left leg considerably shorter (3/4") than the right one. So, obviously I don't stand straight and my weight is not balanced equally on both legs. And in order to not stand half-cocked, my right knee (the bad one anyhow) spends a lot of time bent. As a result of all this.. when it is going to rain or the barr. pressure changes rapidly, I have horrible leg pain in my right leg and knee. All the way from the hip to the foot. I always know when the weather is changing, and no, it's not fun thanks for asking.

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