Thursday, October 19, 2006

Few More Letters

Dear Son,
I am sorry that you feel so crummy again. I don't know what type of festering illness is being harbored in your classroom, but thank you for not sharing it with me. I admire you for sticking it out and finishing the day when you felt so lousy. Most kids would've gone to the nurse and headed home. Secretly, I'd like to give you extra ice cream and let you play the computer for as many hours as you want. Because while I feel bad that you don't feel good, I am so in need of a day off from school I could cry. Thank you for the chance to de-stress a bit, take a break from the crazy. Feel better soon.

Dear Weather People,
So what's it going to be, a mild winter, or a humdinger? What are we getting, snow or lots of ice? Why do you keep switching your minds on this? I need to shop. There are winter coats to buy. We are down a pair of ski-pants. And have I mentioned boots and gloves? Don't you realize that this stuff goes fast, and you have to shop early? Cut me some slack. I forgot all about boots until I read it on Carly's blog today. What kind of mother puts off boots until Halloween? I might be in denial. Maybe I was thinking winter would skip us this year. Maybe I should lay off the coffee before bed.
One Cranky Mother

Dear Bedroom,
I realize that we spend lots of time together, but I feel like our relationship is changing. Are you jealous of the time I spend with the pillow? Perhaps you are in love with the blanket and don't want to share? Whatever the reason, I beg of you... cut me some slack. While I enjoy your company.. I need to sleep. See, it's October. And October is a hard month. There are dreams. There are memories. There is a lot of tossing and turning. On top of that, this year we have added death into the mix. And stress. Lots and lots of stress. When I fall into my bed in utter exhaustion, don't take it personal. Let me have my sleep. We'll catch up during the weekend OK? I'll even give you a good clean.
*smooches* B

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Carol said...

Dear OSC, I really enjoyed reading these today! Thanks for the smile.
Kind regards, Carol;)