Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Little Bit of This... Little Bit of That...

I tell you what.. we may have only worked two days this week.. but this has been THE.LONGEST.DAMN.WEEK. You know you had a bad day, when you get home at 3:45, and chug down a beer before going out to mow the lawn for the last time this year. But that was yesterday, and today was a new day. Bit better than yesterday, but not a whole lot.

School was a mix of highs and lows today. We had a baby shower this morning for a coworker who's been trying for years to get pregnant. To say we are excited for her and her DH would be a gross understatement.

 She loved the sweater, and plans to use it for the Baptism. I couldn't be more touched. She lives in another town, but we shared a priest before the church made him go preach somewhere else. Church hasn't been the same without him. We also found out that another coworkers cancer has not only relapsed after many years, she has to go through chemo again and her best chances are with a Bone Marrow Transplant. Devastating. She's one of my surrogate mom's. She is my mom's age, and has children my age, and mother's me because she knows that not only do I need it.. I miss it. My heart is both sad and full of worry for her.

The cold is on it's way here. I heard a rumor about snow showers early Friday morning. Umm.. so not ready for snow. I did turn the heat on. This old drafty house was darn cold. They are calling for a milder than usual winter, and heating oil is down at the moment, so perhaps this winter won't be too painful. I'm not holding my breath. We do have a bit of Canadian cold coming just in time to sit out for an hour at soccer practice tomorrow evening. (sigh). 3 more weekends and soccer will be over. This year hasn't been as exciting for Ms. Thang as years past. I blame the coach.

I'm happy to report, that my ankle is sloooooooooowly starting to get better. I can manage the stairs at school without too much pain. I am not in horrible pain at the end of the day anymore. I almost have full range of motion back.. but not quite. Still have swelling.. still have tenderness. There are still things I can't do. But I can walk quicker. And I (with the air-cast still on though) actually ran up the stairs today. Without the air-cast might be a different story. And no, I haven't called to set up the stupid Physical Therapy yet. I keep on forgetting. (and did I mention I don't have time?)


Meghan said...

Glad your ankle is feeling better.
That sweater is so gorgeous!

Lissa said...

I"m so glad your ankle is on the mend.

That sweater is just way too cute and yeah - keeping your friend in my prayers.


KathyMarie said...

The sweater is beautiful! Are the buttons orange (I love me a seasonal sweater!)?

Best wishes for your ankle. But don't forget about the Physical Therapy. I have injured my ankles many times over the years and never really stuck to the PT -- now my ankles are pretty weak and require taping if I'm doing anything intense.

Just my .02 on that topic. :)