Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays....

I received yet another email from my dad today, although I didn't read it until just a few minutes ago. Another one of my great aunt's passed away last night. Unlike last week, where it was my grandmother's sister, this was my grandfather's sister. Out of all my great aunts, Peggy was the the one I knew best. When the email came last week, a little part of my brain that knows they are all very old and mostly in poor health, had a thought that we were getting ready to go through a cycle of death in my family. It saddens me, but I think when you reach a certain age as an adult you accept that the elderly people in your family will not be around forever, and therefore it's easier to accept. What saddens me, is that my grandmother is in poor health also, and we all know it's only a matter of time before we celebrate her life and passing. That will be more difficult, as not only will I have to say goodbye to someone who is so dear to me, this will be the first death my children will have to deal with (that they remember). I am not so prepared for that.

School wasn't very pleasant today. We started out day with an all staff meeting. It has been my opinion that instead of ruining our day right off the bat, we should save these meetings for the end of the day, but I guess that was tried in the past and they ran real late without the restriction of the school day having to start to end the meeting. It was also a half day for students, which meant we spent the afternoon doing mundane things like hashing out playground rules for the millionth time and talking about training classes and test scores. I came home with quite a headache (no surprise eh?) and had a nice nap after dinner. My mood and my head have much improved since.

Of course, the beer might've helped, even if I didn't drink the whole thing.


Carly said...

sorry B!!! ((()))

Carol said...

{{So sorry}}, time to find things around that make you smile.