Monday, October 16, 2006

In Which We Find The End of A Weekend

These darlings belong to my brother's SIL and her husband. They made their grand appearance on Tuesday afternoon; she (on the left) came naturally and he (on the right) came half an hour later via Cesarean. Mom is doing great, although I don't envy her having to recover from two birthing methods. They are healthy and big (19 inches, 7-ish pounds each) and have fabulous names but as they aren't my own children I won't be sharing them here.

And as the circle of life continues, one of my great aunt's passed away on Thursday. She had been struggling with her health for a long time, and had also suffered from Alzheimer's, so it is a bit of a blessing. She lived a long full life, and she will be missed. My own grandmother (her sister) is also struggling with Alzheimer's and it is a sad, miserable disease.

It's been a busy weekend. Friday night I went out with my girlfriends. We went out to have a few drinks in celebration of a few birthday's in the past few months. Haven't laughed that hard in some time now. Yesterday was errands and soccer. Soccer is over in two weekends and quite frankly this year.. I can't wait. Today I got the hall upstairs and Ms. Thang's bedroom fall cleaned. Laundry is all done, folded and put away. Didn't get to any baking. Didn't get any knitting done. Not a lot of fun... but it feels good to have checked some of that stuff off my to-do list.

The weather is getting cooler and it looks like it's going to be a raw, wet, nasty kind of week. School is wearing me down, and I'm really looking forward to some long weekends in November. This week will be crazy with budget meetings and drums and pumpkin carving and other such festivities. When did life get to be such a whirlwind? And how do I get off?


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Those babies are precious! Cute. Sorry to hear about your aunt.

Carol said...

The babies are just adorable! And I am sorry to hear about your aunt and now your grandmom. My FIL had the same thing - AD is a cruel illness. Maybe we're all so busy for good reason!

Awesome Abby said...

What big babies, to be twins! They are beautiful.

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, but I think you have a healthy attitude about it.

Glad you got to go out with the girls...wish I had girls to go out with! LOL.

Lissa said...

Wow these babies are beautiful and how wonderful to be so large for twins! (Though admitedly, I would love for my babies to have been so small lol...)

Sorry about your Great Aunt's passing but, like Abby, I agree with the healthy attitude. Alzheimer's is a horrid disease, like cancer. It's just awful...

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. As well as thankful for your blessings,