Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mi Fa Male La Testa

or, Italian for My Head Aches

Ya'll, it's been a long week. And it was busy. And stressful. And quite frankly my dear Scarlet, I'm glad it's over. I'm unhappy to report that the ceiling looks pretty much the same as it did in the picture I posted the other day. As far as I can tell (without major messing around with things) there is no other damage to be found. The tub has developed a leak however (the faucet) that can't be repaired (and lo'.. they no longer make the stupid thing don't you know) and The Boy knows someone who can come in and install the brand new spout/handle/shower head kit that we bought. Always something I tell you. Always something.

I missed Eye Candy Friday. If I had remembered, I could've had a photo of our school's Halloween parade. Or, I could've shared a photo of me wearing my Harlot socks for the first time! Hurrah for cold weather. Ok, so I hate cold weather but I loved wearing my socks. I beamed about them all day long. Or, I could've showed you a lovely photo of my yard, raked for the second time. We got half the yard done yesterday after work. Then had to take in everything that could blow away. Winds gusts of 55 mph today.. and wicked rain.. the whole bit. My neighbor has a flag pole that is no longer standing straight. Glad I took my flag down off the house.

Due to the horrid weather, I didn't get a photo of the sky either. Picture grey and rainy. At some points it rained so hard you couldn't see. It's supposed to last into tomorrow. Needless to say, the soccer playoffs were cancelled, and there's no word on when/if they will be rescheduled. I'm ready to be done with soccer. Ms. Thang had an awful coach this year and it hasn't been fun for anyone. They are talking about not allowing him to coach next year. One less thing to fit into the crazy schedule, I won't miss it. So instead we went out to lunch, and did errands. Took the comforters to the laundry for the yearly wash/dry. Always a big pain in the rear. Glad it's out of the way. I think tomorrow if there's time the bathroom upstairs will be scrubbed and then the whole upstairs will be finished.

In two short weeks we are having a shower for my SIL for "nephew to be named at a later date." I won't lament on how effing early I have to be at this stupid shower, or what unearthly hour I will have to leave to get there on time. Or how many ridiculous things my SIL has registered for, or even how she is asking everyone to also bring a book for "baby x's library." UGH. But I am almost half done the sweater (in orange) and I am half done the afghan (in lime green and pale yellow).. (did I mention she registered for all sorts of BABY BLUE.. bahahaha). Poor baby deserves some home made goodies, even if his parents are snotty and want Baby Gap crib sheets. (ok, that's not exactly true, but you get the idea.) Off to knit!

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