Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Thank. God. It's. Over.

Last year we had apx. 190 kids show up at our house. This year I bought extra candy. I ran out apx. 15 mins before the end of Halloween. Fortunately, unlike last year, no one knocked on the door after I shut the light off. Soooooooooo many kids this year. I give candy to anyone who puts forth an effort to dress up, I don't care how old they are. Except if they are smoking when they come up my walk. Standards people. Standards.

The Boy took the kids out, and they went for their longest trick or treat trip ever. I, being the harried bad mother that I am, forgot to snap photos of the kids all dressed up. Ya'll. It was a long sucky day at school today. My head has hurt since I got up, and it's one of those "painkillers only take the edge off" kinds of headaches. I had dinner to think about and chores to take care of, and I forgot the foolish photos. Figures too, this year they both looked great.

Neither one was really interested in "mom's candy buy back program this year." One loved her "haul" and the other was a few pieces short of the buy back amount. Which makes no sense, his sister got 40 more pieces of candy. They went to the SAME HOUSES people. Same houses. So, the money stays in my pocket, and we'll do extra brushing. And thank the gods we don't have to go through this again until next year.

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