Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Heat is On....

Who could ask for a more gorgeous Columbus Day weekend? Temperatures in the low 70's today.. and the mid 70's tomorrow. Sunny... just gorgeous. Yet despite the lovely daytime temps.. it is cold, cold, cold at night. And so as the temperature inside my lovely old house has been dropping about 3-4 degrees a day.. it was time to turn on the heat. Just to get the chill out of the air. It's not on in all the house. In some parts of the house it's set much lower than others. The Boy spray painted the heater covers from the kitchen and family rooms today, and so the heat isn't on out here yet.. but it's a start. We weren't one of those people who locked into a price for oil by pre-buying. We work on a budget plan where we pay xx amount a month, and pay whatever the price is on the day of delivery. Hopefully the prices will stay down, or continue to drop. I could use to cut a break.

We've been rather busy this weekend. Between soccer and errands and chores.. lots is getting done. The first wave of raking is 90% finished. Instead of raking them all in one swoop like last year, we decided to do two sessions. As half the leaves (and hopefully all the pine needles) have fallen, it was time for the first sweep. Our new rakes have large 30" heads and it makes raking sooooooo much nicer. Today I cleaned Mr. Man's room top to bottom. He was in a mood to toss some stuff.. so I ran with it. Not on the agenda.. but hey.. he doesn't agree to throw out/donate very often (OK, never!) so I had to take advantage of it. He cleaned out his desk.. threw out things that had been in there since he got it. He cleaned out his top drawer of his dresser.. and hardly anything went back into it. He donated toys he hasn't played with in two years. Two years I have been asking.."You haven't played with that in a long time, why don't you let it go?" But he's pigheaded like his.. parents.. and wouldn't. Until today. His room is shiny clean, and maybe with less junk kicking around it will end some of our "clean your room" issues. Maybe.

Tomorrow I need to work on that baby sweater. I have fallen asleep on the couch the last two nights, and so no progress has been made. I need it done by Tuesday night.. so it has to become a priority. And then I have a month to finish that blanket and make another sweater for my SIL's shower. Aye.

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