Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Eye Candy and a Bump in the Road

I should be upstairs priming the walls in Ms. Thang's bedroom. I fully intended to get it done by dinner time, and then settle down on the couch to watch a movie with the kids. We finished wet sanding the seams, we washed down the walls and woodwork, and then I mopped the floor. Twice.

I waited for the floor to dry, gathered my painting supplies and headed upstairs. Several frustrating trips around the house and I discovered the primer in the basement. When I got it upstairs .. I found a brown liquid mess with some clumpy white icky-ness. I know that primer separates, but I think our primer might have frozen over the winter. That concerns me because the paint for my front room is down there too. Near the furnace (a safe distance away) where The Boy said it would be fine.

He's off at a job right now and will pick me up some new primer on the way home. If I have him cook dinner, I might still make that movie. The photo by the way is our dog, Cassie. She got that huge red stuffed bone from my MIL for Christmas, and she just loves it. Out of all the grand-dogs, we are the only household that still has an intact red bone. She chews it, she plays with it, and yes, she snuggles with it. How cute is that?!

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Bec said...

That dog looks so comfy! Makes me wish I were a dog...