Monday, April 02, 2007

In Which We Find A Random Post...

What is that old saying? Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it? I came back from taking the boys to the YMCA today (we go 2 afternoons a week) and went upstairs to check on Mr. Man. He had his head down on his desk, and I asked him if he was going drumming. I put my hand on his hot head as he said he didn't think so. His teacher is off playing soldier for 2 weeks, and the classroom aide told me he was cranky all day and napped during math (he is just like his dad.. rotten grouchy when sick) and I should just keep him home tomorrow. His whole face was bright red with fever and I sent him to the nurse. Seems whatever he has is going around and with any luck I won't get it. But what I do get is at least one day off tomorrow. (WOOT!)

I started my spring cleaning yesterday in between a million commitments this weekend. I only got the porch cleaned, but boy am I happy about it. I had The Boy put the sleds back into the barn and I moved the boots out into the cold room. We brought the chairs back out and I rinsed the grime off all the stuff on my shelves. I didn't do the windows because the sun was shining through them and it's too early yet. The screens are still down in the basement and will probably stay there until spring break unless this cold nasty weather passes and we get a warm spell. It will be nice to sit out there again. I did a little raking under the lilacs on Saturday night while the burgers cooked on the grill. I have this silly idea to get the leaves out before the shrubs come back to life, but it could be a pipe dream. Cleaning out the leaves and debris from under and in-between the hedges is my least favorite of all the yard chores. It is hard on my back and I usually beat my arms all to hell.

After a weekend full of drumming gigs, we scored ourselves a night off from rehearsal. I took that time and reorganized the binders that contain my knitting and crochet patterns I've printed off. (Torreh would be laughing her arse off about this but she's in the middle of a big move). I know it sounds anal.. but it will be so much better. I have a binder for Knitting, a binder for Crochet, and a binder for baby/toddler patterns. I weeded out old patterns I printed before I knew any better and got rid of the doubles I found. All and all a good use of the time.

My Red Sox lost their season opener but it's OK. Just being able to watch the game was worth the loss. Besides, they don't play their first home game until next week and if they won right off the bat they'd have no room for improvement. On a brighter note.. my friends cat (actually.. her neighbor owned this cat and then moved and left it behind pregnant *he's a real ass anyhow I'm glad he's gone* and my friend adopted her out of the goodness of her heart) had 6 kittens yesterday morning and one of them is going to come live at my house. 3 of them are orange/white and the other 3 look like they will be calico's like their momma. We are going to take a girl, hopefully one of the orange ones when they are ready. When Mr. Man feels better we will take a trip over to meet the kitties. We ooh'd and ahh'd over photos this morning.


Awesome Abby said...

I honestly don't see how you do it all. I wish I had your stamina. Congrats on the day off.....hope he's better...but that it turned into two days for you instead of one. :)

tspwlv said...

Far be it from me to laugh at anyone as organized and industrious as you, especially as I sit in my disaster of a house, surrounded by crap and boxes. Although, my arse certainly could use some laughing off.