Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random Wednesday

1. I'm not going to blog about what happened at VA Tech. It was an awful, horrible tragedy.. and I have nothing insightful to say, so I am choosing not too.

2. It looks like winter might actually be on it's way out of here. Not today, and not tomorrow... but I hear it will be in the upper 60s this weekend and 75 on Monday! Seventy five. I can't even fathom that. It's going to feel like 180 after how stinking cold and miserable it's been. That's the hardest thing about not having a real spring. We got from 30 to 70 in a matter of days and your body doesn't get a chance to adjust.

3. We almost lost our fence in the Nor'easter. The fence is on it's way out anyhow, although I'm not sure when we'll be able to replace it, but I'm not ready for it to fall over either. Back in September we took down the other part of this same fence, because it for sure wasn't going to last through the winter. I did a little looking around, and damn fences are pricey! I want a privacy fence, much like we have.. but more improved, and nicer looking. Something like this, and I am planning on extending it just a little further than the current fence to keep the teens from using my yard as a cut through.

4. We have 2 more days of school until spring vacation. After that we have 36 more days and the year will finally be over. I feel like a marathon runner who finally has the finish line in sight. This year can't end soon enough IMO. We have no plans for spring break. Due to the warm weather I plan to be working on cleaning up my yard and getting my gardens ready... and working on Ms. Thang's bedroom. This is quite a project and I'll blog more about it once we get going on it. If I can accomplish these two things during the week, and still manage to do some leisure activities.. it will be a week well spent. Spring Cleaning? What spring cleaning?

5. Notes from the Underbelly: OK ya'll.. I was prepared to not even watch this show. But since I gave up ER in favor of October Road (which I really enjoy and after all these years of ER, I wasn't so much) and NFTU was on in it's place last week I watched. And it was OK, but not watch again OK. I caught it again tonight, and I still am not sure that I like it, but it was a bit better. The whole premise of the show seems a bit weird to me, but it also has potential. Maybe.

*edited to add the photo of my fence. I want to add.. that the playhouse we built the kids 5 years ago is normally a light grey/light wood color. It was so drenched with rain this day that it almost looked black.

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