Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One Flew Over.....

It's no secret to anyone that I want chickens. (what, you didn't know that about me?) I also want a goat... but at the present time am not able to do so. I could however have chickens. I wouldn't want more than 2. Just enough to keep me in supply of fresh eggs and hours of entertainment. The problem is the dog. See.. my dog is a mix of Chocolate Lab/Irish Setter. Nothing would make her more happy than having to share the backyard with some chickens. (insert irony here). Because my neighbors are all nice people, and maybe the town police, I think that in every ones best interest there will be no chickens at this house. (whooo... don't get me started on my next house though.. big plans for that house.. after the kids both graduate from HS)

In the meantime... I have streaming chicken video. Oh yah baby.. check it out. All chickens, all the time.
*8.64 miles/100

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