Saturday, April 07, 2007

How Can It Be?

So we're registering my son for middle school.. which hardly seems possible. We've sent in the registration papers, gone to the parent orientation night with the Principal and Guidance People.. and on Friday of next week we'll make the final decisions about classes with his current teacher.

I still remember when he started kindergarten. He was born in late December, and was ready for school the year before they let him start. It almost killed him to wait that year, so I worked with him a little at home. We practiced letters and such and worked on puzzles and coloring...nothing most parents don't do with their young children.

Then he went to school. All day kindergarten and he loved it. There was a little girl in his class that he had a crush on.. Melody. Little blond haired blue eyed cutie that was not only adorable.. she was a spitfire. After kindergarten we moved and he started first grade in the school he will graduate from in June. In first grade he was reading Harry Potter and asking for help with the big words he didn't understand. They had him do 2nd grade reading lessons and he moved his way on up each year until 5th grade last year. Then he got a teacher who has everyone in the class work at the same level out of the same book etc. And he got bored. After a lot of advocating on my part.. we are slowly working on a plan for him at school that will keep him interested and out of trouble. Too bad it took them so long and the year is almost over. The Middle School guidance counselor is coming to our next meeting so we can talk about what they can do for him next year. The school districts work so hard for the kids at the low end of the spectrum that the kids whose IQ scores put them at almost genius (at age 12 even) get left in the dust.

In the mean time, he's going through puberty and making us all crazy. After failing his eye exam in June he finally decided recently that maybe in fact he should've gotten the glasses and we ordered them today. My little boy is growing up and will be a man soon. Pass me a beer.


Awesome Abby said...

Save one for me. I think our boys are very much alike. Is he doing better, then?

tspwlv said...

Hope things improve for him as the year progresses. The glasses should help too. You know, kids with higher IQs are also categorized as special needs, because they do have different needs than average students. Unfortunately most school districts fail miserably in meeting the needs of these special students.

Gregory said... I even feel old. It seem like yesterday he was born! Granny!

OneScrappyChick said...

You know what.. you will still always be 9 months older than me.