Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Project 1- Day 2

Those of you who have read my blog at any point in the past, know better than to think that I'd just paper over the mess and move on. I stood there this morning, after I got back from having my teeth cleaned, and had an inner-argument with myself. The part of me that is sooo tired of this room already wanted to just sand the walls smooth... roll on the primer and get on with the papering. The part of me that hates a shoddy job wanted to strip all that nasty painted wallpaper off and patch the walls and go from there. The boy waited patiently to hear what I'd say, and secretly I think he already knew the answer.

You can plainly see who won. We spent the day stripping down the walls. As you can see, the paper backing didn't come off along with the wallpaper. Some of the drywall did however. What we were left with is a mess of backing paper and glue. The Boy took out the shelves so that we could fix the walls around them and paint the inside and the chimney. I will paint the shelves white to match the trim and then we will put them back. I always thought that was a clever use of a chimney space. Mr. Man's bedroom is on the other side of that wall and the chimney juts out on his side.

Tomorrow we will spray down those walls with hot water, bit by bit, and scrape off that paper backing. It's a nasty messy job that we did on the very first layer of wallpaper and I'm not really looking forward to it. That large trash bag is all the paper that we scrapped off today. I am a big stickler for cleaning at the end of each day no mater how tired and worn out I feel. Nothing puts a damper on a big project faster than walking into the room and facing a big arse mess each morning. After we get that backing off, we will have to tape/mud and then fill in all those effing pits and holes left in the wall. My goal is to have that done by the end of Wednesday.

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