Thursday, April 26, 2007

Project 1- Day 5

Today's photos would look an awful lot like yesterday's.. so I didn't even bother to take any. We spent today wet sanding all those damn spots (which is by far, the worst part of the whole project.. I hate wet sanding.. it's hard on my back and arm) and putting a second coat of mud on all the taped seams. Boring would be a good word. Tomorrow the plan is to wet sand the second coat on the taped seams, and get ready to put primer on the walls. I'll probably take a rag and wipe the whole room down to get rid of the dust. Primer won't stick well to dusty surfaces. Then we'll face the moment of truth. Did we do a good enough job to put up two coats of primer and paint, or will we have to use the masking paper? Either way, we have to prime the walls first.

Tomorrow will be the last full day we have for a while to work on the room. Saturday I need to do errands, but I will be able to get a second coat of primer up if that is the route we choose to take(assuming that priming the ceiling doesn't kick my arse). Sunday we are slated to go to my In-Laws house for dinner and cake. My favorite SIL is turning 27 and suddenly I feel old. Then it's back to work and the weekend after we are going to Maine. Sooooo.. good thing we aren't in a rush.

I transplanted a shrub in my yard to another part of the yard (I didn't have the heart to kill the stupid thing) and planted a Rose of Sharon in it's place. The Rose of Sharon is a much better choice and closer to what I had in mind when I put in the first shrub. I wasn't so wise then and didn't realize I was buying the same shrub my hedges are made out of. It will be gloriously green in the backyard next to the kids playhouse. What I want by my door is flowers.

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