Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Ms. Thang and I colored eggs this afternoon after lunch. In the normal scheme of things, we'd have done this days ago. Yesterday while we were out we remembered that we hadn't done it and bought dye. Last night I realized we had no white eggs and went out again to pick some up.
As a kid my mom would hide the dyed eggs and we'd have them for breakfast after we found them. I have too many "food shouldn't be eaten if it's out longer than 2 hours" issues.. so we dye the eggs and a few days later they become egg salad (or breakfast).

In a normal year, we'd be at MIL's house right now, partaking in an egg hunt. All the kids have eggs with their initials on them and they hunt until the number we started with are found. This year we didn't go to MIL's cuz Mr. Man is sick. Bronchitis and a sinus infection they decided yesterday at the clinic. He feels crummy and wasn't up to going so we all stayed home. Turns out MIL wasn't planning on the egg hunt this year. Only she knows the reason why and I have some suspicions but they aren't nice so I'll keep them quiet.

So instead we are enjoying a nice quiet day at home. We will have a traditional Easter dinner later on and the kids will get to bed at a reasonable time. No family drama is just the frosting on the cake. If you are wondering about those colors.. after about half the eggs were dyed, we decided to experiment with mixing dye colors. Some obviously worked out better than others. FYI, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.. great for taking dye off the counter. Dawn... great for taking dye off your hands.

*6.60 miles/100


Bec said...

I can't wait to turn my Easter eggs to egg salad! Yum! My friend just had to color brown eggs with her nieces-to-be.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

oh you lucky dawg! I didn't get to skip my MILs house.
I have food issues too, so we just throw our eggs away.
And I was like you, I only had brown eggs.......had to go buy white.