Sunday, April 29, 2007

Project 1- Day 7

Some things I learned these past few days that I feel I should share with you:

1. Interior primer, when it's oil based and not water, is a different consistency than exterior primer. When you open the can, it's a murky brown mess that needs a good mixing in order to bring it back to it's ready to roll state. This is normal, and no cause for yelling and cursing.

2. Oil based primer, unlike it's water based cousin (which is the only primer I've had any experience with) is a thinner, more watery type of paint and must be treated appropriately. There will be drips. It will be frustrating. You you will want to pitch the whole thing out the window. .Denatured alcohol will take off the drips. It will also remove the finish from the wood floor. This may be a problem to some people, but we are thinking of having the floor sanded and refinished anyhow. Not a problem. Yet.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Eye Candy and a Bump in the Road

I should be upstairs priming the walls in Ms. Thang's bedroom. I fully intended to get it done by dinner time, and then settle down on the couch to watch a movie with the kids. We finished wet sanding the seams, we washed down the walls and woodwork, and then I mopped the floor. Twice.

I waited for the floor to dry, gathered my painting supplies and headed upstairs. Several frustrating trips around the house and I discovered the primer in the basement. When I got it upstairs .. I found a brown liquid mess with some clumpy white icky-ness. I know that primer separates, but I think our primer might have frozen over the winter. That concerns me because the paint for my front room is down there too. Near the furnace (a safe distance away) where The Boy said it would be fine.

He's off at a job right now and will pick me up some new primer on the way home. If I have him cook dinner, I might still make that movie. The photo by the way is our dog, Cassie. She got that huge red stuffed bone from my MIL for Christmas, and she just loves it. Out of all the grand-dogs, we are the only household that still has an intact red bone. She chews it, she plays with it, and yes, she snuggles with it. How cute is that?!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Project 1- Day 5

Today's photos would look an awful lot like yesterday's.. so I didn't even bother to take any. We spent today wet sanding all those damn spots (which is by far, the worst part of the whole project.. I hate wet sanding.. it's hard on my back and arm) and putting a second coat of mud on all the taped seams. Boring would be a good word. Tomorrow the plan is to wet sand the second coat on the taped seams, and get ready to put primer on the walls. I'll probably take a rag and wipe the whole room down to get rid of the dust. Primer won't stick well to dusty surfaces. Then we'll face the moment of truth. Did we do a good enough job to put up two coats of primer and paint, or will we have to use the masking paper? Either way, we have to prime the walls first.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Healing Rain

On a much sadder note, I learned tonight that one of our neighbors passed away yesterday. I've had some rough conversations with Ms. Thang lately. She's growing up so fast and I'm having a hard time realizing that she's not my baby girl anymore, as much as I want her to be. Saturday we were out in the yard playing catch while dinner grilled and she asked me about puberty, and said she heard about this thing called a period and so we had a "modified talk" (it was the backyard after all!) that didn't involved the S word, but talked about how your body changes and gets ready for a baby etc.

On Sunday, we were at our friends across the street for an impromptu BBQ and she told me that her friend's sister had tried to commit suicide the day (or two) before. She's actually really good friends with 2 of the girls in that family, and she was sad and worried about her friends and their sister. She told me the older sister was having a hard time with things, and sad about some stuff. She has been on my mind ever since, and it broke my heart to hear of her passing away suddenly yesterday. Seems somehow her liver was affected and ultimately it failed and caused her death. I will have to tell Ms. Thang tomorrow and I know it will crush her. I wish I could keep her safe from all this "grown up" stuff and protect her from the heartache she is going to feel.... but I know in my heart that the best thing I can do is hope I've taught her the skills she needs to deal with life, and let her grow.

Project 1-Day 4

We got off to a late start today. My brother came and visited, which was lovely. He played video games with The Boy and the kids, we had some lunch and played Pirates of the Caribbean Life. My mom bought that for Mr. Man last year for his birthday (he gets his gift when she comes and visits in the summer) and in a whole year I had never played it once. What a fun time we had. So anyhow, we didn't get started on the room until about 3:45 when he left. That said, I think we made good time today.

I think that today's work was the easiest we've done yet. The Boy, who was doing the seam taping would probably disagree, as I heard him huffing a lot. Mudding up all those holes and dings reminded me a lot of painting with a metal spatula on a large canvas, which is something I find relaxing and enjoyable. I asked him at one point why I didn't just mud the whole wall, as it seemed sometimes as that was what I was doing, and he replied that it would be more messy. I'm not convinced. We unearthed a corner of the room on Saturday that was missing a bit of drywall, and so he cut slices to fit and filled in the missing strip. We called it a day at 7pm (as we had a late lunch) for dinner, and will pick up where we left off tomorrow. All the holes/dings are finished, and there are a few more seams that need to be re-taped and mudded up. All the work we did today will need to be wet sanded and 2nd coats will need to be reapplied.

And because I feel guilty that I'm sharing such boring photos this week, I leave you with these awesome woodpeckers that were hanging out on our black walnut tree today. There are about 3 or 4 of them that live in the woods across the street (and they all look a little different that is how I can tell) and at least one of them visits every day. I was quite happy that I happened to have the Boys good camera in my hand when I noticed them on my way up to snap today's progress photos. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Project 1- Day 3

These photos probably look very similar to yesterday's photos. They aren't.. click on each days photos to see the bigger version and you will be able to see the difference. I spent the afternoon spraying hot water and scrapping wallpaper backing off of the walls. The Boy took the car in for an alignment and tire rotation this morning.. and didn't get back until 3pm. See, he's chums with the mechanic and they work on a barter system. Today when he took the car in the shop was in need of some computer work. Turns out that the whole computer was bad and needed replacing and what not. Worked out for us in the end, as our work today was free, as will our inspection this summer. Love it.

Project 1- Day 2

Those of you who have read my blog at any point in the past, know better than to think that I'd just paper over the mess and move on. I stood there this morning, after I got back from having my teeth cleaned, and had an inner-argument with myself. The part of me that is sooo tired of this room already wanted to just sand the walls smooth... roll on the primer and get on with the papering. The part of me that hates a shoddy job wanted to strip all that nasty painted wallpaper off and patch the walls and go from there. The boy waited patiently to hear what I'd say, and secretly I think he already knew the answer.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

2007- Project Number 1

Our second project for the year, is going to be the front room. Regular readers of my blog will remember that this was going to be project 3 for last year... (or was it 4?) but the porch took longer than planned and then I went and got hurt. OK.. so that said.. I give you project number 1. Ms. Thang's bedroom. I'd like to tell you that these are before photos.. but they are not. They are mid-way photos even though I took them today. We are going to paint, finish the trim, and have ordered her new furniture. That bed used to be mine. It's 23 years old.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Eye Candy

"Somewhere, far away from here
I saw stars, stars that I could reach (yeah)
It was a midnight, a silent twilight
Fell down, beyond the ocean beach (yeah)"
-Blue October

The sun setting across Mt. Monadnock on a spring Thursday in April. What I love most, and you can't see, is that it was finally warm and sunny yesterday, yet you can see the snow from the late spring storm we just got last weekend.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Random Wednesday

1. I'm not going to blog about what happened at VA Tech. It was an awful, horrible tragedy.. and I have nothing insightful to say, so I am choosing not too.

2. It looks like winter might actually be on it's way out of here. Not today, and not tomorrow... but I hear it will be in the upper 60s this weekend and 75 on Monday! Seventy five. I can't even fathom that. It's going to feel like 180 after how stinking cold and miserable it's been. That's the hardest thing about not having a real spring. We got from 30 to 70 in a matter of days and your body doesn't get a chance to adjust.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

At The End Of The Day......

Joshua Bell is a 39 year old world renowned violinist. He has played at Symphony Hall in Boston, The Library of Congress in Washington D.C., he has appeared on Sesame Street, he played the soundtrack in "The Red Violin" and has played with great symphonies here and abroad.

On January 12th, and 7:21 in the morning Joshua played for 43 minutes in a metro station in Washington DC. Dressed in street clothes, with is violin case lying on the floor in front of him, he played masterpieces that have endured the test of time; "Ave Maria", "Chaconne", "Estrellita". It was a stunt, to see how many people would stop and listen. How many people would throw money into the case? How many people would rush by and not give the musician any notice. Would one person catch on to this famous person and start a crowd that would turn into a small riot?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?

Do you suppose that there is some medical condition that causes one to be in a constant state of tired, irritable (OK, hell with irritable.. how about down-right cranky), and forgetful? If I were to walk into my doctor's office and tell her that I'm exhausted, mean and feel like I'm losing my mind do you think she'd give me that "look" or would she ask me a few more questions and perhaps have a solution to my problems?

Tack on to the irritability some good old fashioned PMS, and it's making for a long day. I don't mean to be some rotten and grumpy.. it just comes out. And for some reason the day or two before "Day 1" arrives, when I am at my most grouchy... the people I live with seem to hone in on it with radar and drive me to the brink of a breakdown. For the love of all that is good... why can't they see that perhaps I'm a little more grouchy than usual (I used to be such a nice cheery person!) and back off and just let me be?!?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Eye Candy Friday (A Day Early)

I will be traveling to CT tomorrow (weather depending I assume) with the rest of the band for a gig. We have the day off from school and are going to Kate's hometown to play at the school her mom teaches at (which just happens to be where she went to elementary school). I'm slightly nervous about how crappy the roads will be as we are currently in the throes of snow and freezing rain. I have enjoyed this late year snow day.. minus the pinging of the freezing rain off every single window in my house.

Anyhow, I took this photo of my crocus' this morning early. They are currently buried and at this rate it might be June before I see them again. We are due for a nor'easter on Sunday night/Monday/Tuesday morning. Hopefully it will just be rain because more snow/ice might just push me off that proverbial edge. The nice thing about spring snow is that it typically melts quick. Assuming you have some warm sunny days. The only sunny day we have scheduled for the next 7... is Saturday. And people wonder why I'm so cranky.

I've been tagged

Wolfie tagged me, and I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself. So, here goes:

1. This is my 500th blogger post. I find it slightly hard to believe I've had 500 thing to say.. but those of you who know me well will probably roll your eyes and think "HA! She never shuts up." OK, moving on.

2. I didn't start drinking alcohol until about 2 years ago. We were at my MIL's house for Christmas Eve, and my BIL asked me if I wanted a beer, like he always does, and I surprised everyone and said yes. It was a Corona (which is my fav beer, but I drink light, and also Sam Adams on occasion and Bud Light if need be) with lime, and either my taste buds had matured or my standards had fallen. but I enjoyed it very much. I can't drink more than 3 however, as I am a lightweight.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mid-week letters

Dear Mother Nature,
In a more perfect world, one where I have been home more than one hour and 23 minutes all day (9 of which were during daylight and required eating dinner), there would be a photo here of my blooming crocus' in all their white and purple glory. I did see them in passing today and rejoiced that we finally had a decent sunny day and they opened up. I am not planning on being able to see them tomorrow... because for some ungodly reason you are feeling the need to effing mess with me this year. In case you have forgotten, and I understand, I am very forgetful these days also, it's spring now. See, winter is supposed to show up in November, not March. The 60 degree weather is supposed to be here in April, not at Christmastime. It is not supposed to be colder on Easter than Christmas and Thanksgiving. That. Is. Not. Normal. I am so bloody tired of being cold I can't even stand it. I am sick of my warm sweaters. I am tired of being bundled up and still being cold. I am tired of the snow. The whole idea of 6-10 inches of wet, heavy snow mixed with sleet and freezing rain tomorrow makes me want to hide in the closet with alcohol and cry. Please fix this. Soon.
Not loving you right now, B.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One Flew Over.....

It's no secret to anyone that I want chickens. (what, you didn't know that about me?) I also want a goat... but at the present time am not able to do so. I could however have chickens. I wouldn't want more than 2. Just enough to keep me in supply of fresh eggs and hours of entertainment. The problem is the dog. See.. my dog is a mix of Chocolate Lab/Irish Setter. Nothing would make her more happy than having to share the backyard with some chickens. (insert irony here). Because my neighbors are all nice people, and maybe the town police, I think that in every ones best interest there will be no chickens at this house. (whooo... don't get me started on my next house though.. big plans for that house.. after the kids both graduate from HS)

In the meantime... I have streaming chicken video. Oh yah baby.. check it out. All chickens, all the time.
*8.64 miles/100

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Ms. Thang and I colored eggs this afternoon after lunch. In the normal scheme of things, we'd have done this days ago. Yesterday while we were out we remembered that we hadn't done it and bought dye. Last night I realized we had no white eggs and went out again to pick some up.
As a kid my mom would hide the dyed eggs and we'd have them for breakfast after we found them. I have too many "food shouldn't be eaten if it's out longer than 2 hours" issues.. so we dye the eggs and a few days later they become egg salad (or breakfast).

Saturday, April 07, 2007

How Can It Be?

So we're registering my son for middle school.. which hardly seems possible. We've sent in the registration papers, gone to the parent orientation night with the Principal and Guidance People.. and on Friday of next week we'll make the final decisions about classes with his current teacher.

I still remember when he started kindergarten. He was born in late December, and was ready for school the year before they let him start. It almost killed him to wait that year, so I worked with him a little at home. We practiced letters and such and worked on puzzles and coloring...nothing most parents don't do with their young children.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

I know, it's not a great photo. I took it with the tiny point and shoot that has crappy aim. I was trying to get a photo of them before The Boy had to leave for work and scare them off.

More grey, dreary photos of our snowy world. The sun actually came out today and it was lovely to see some brightness for a change.

9 more school days until spring break. Not that anyone is counting... and speaking of counting.. does anyone know why Blogger is an hour behind??

*4 miles logged out of 100

Thursday, April 05, 2007

(big collective sigh)

This was the view of my walnut tree after I finished shoveling this morning. I don't so much mind the snow... except that it's spring and I want to be done with it until November... as much as I mind the grey and deary. There is no sun in the forecast for the next 5 days.

I love living in NH... but the grey winters wear on your very being after a while. We did get a 2 hour delay out of the deal.. and I am off to school as soon as I hit post. So far this winter we've only had one snow day. It wouldn't be so bad except that we have to make it up on a Monday. Who wants to send their kid to school for a half day on a Monday?

Mr. Man is finally going back to school today. Is he better? Well.. his fever is better. And his head isn't throbbing. His throat is a little better...but his cough.. oh boy. He's back to nagging at his sister, which is usually an indication that he is feeling much better. So back to school we go. I'd be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy the break.

*2.5 miles logged out of 100

Monday, April 02, 2007

In Which We Find A Random Post...

What is that old saying? Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it? I came back from taking the boys to the YMCA today (we go 2 afternoons a week) and went upstairs to check on Mr. Man. He had his head down on his desk, and I asked him if he was going drumming. I put my hand on his hot head as he said he didn't think so. His teacher is off playing soldier for 2 weeks, and the classroom aide told me he was cranky all day and napped during math (he is just like his dad.. rotten grouchy when sick) and I should just keep him home tomorrow. His whole face was bright red with fever and I sent him to the nurse. Seems whatever he has is going around and with any luck I won't get it. But what I do get is at least one day off tomorrow. (WOOT!)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Who's the Fool Here?

How did we find ourselves at the beginning of April and who told Easter it could show up next week? I can hardly believe the first quarter of the year is over already. I feel like the past 3 months have gone by in the blink of an eye, yet at times it seemed to go so slow.

This weekend has been so busy that it feels like an extension of the week. Like last week has merged into next week to form one really long arse week. I need a break from my life. Is it wrong to hope that my son who is starting to feel crummy (spring cold? allergies?) is so miserable that I might get a few days off this week? I tell you, I'm not going to win any parent of the year awards and I'm so OK with that.

My 100 miles by July 1st isn't going to get off to a good start. The sky has opened up with some early April rain that looks to stick around for a few days. I am planning on logging some time inside. If you care to join us in walking/running/bicycling/however you move ... the official website is here. I made a sad attempt at the last round (although I did a great job logging some miles this past week) and hope to do much better this time around.

*click on photo for a better view of the final project all set up