Saturday, November 19, 2005

5 things to be happy about

1. Sunshine coming through a window. Especially this far in the cold north. Winter is a hard time of the year for me. 80% of our days are grey and dreary. I think if we had more sunny days, I'd actually enjoy winter.

2. A silent, peaceful room with a rocker in the corner. I actually have a room like this. The rocker isn't in the corner, but it's a nice spot to retreat to when the rest of the house is loud and crazy. My goal for next spring/summer is to finish sanding all the old stain off and refinish it. It was a gift from the boy one year for Mother's Day, and I treasure it for the thought that went into it during a difficult time.
3. The smell of a wood fire burning on a cold, crisp day, and seeing the swirls of smoke come out of the chimneys. I love the smell of a wood fire, and I love that most of the houses around here burn wood, or pellets.. and a cold morning you can see plumes of smoke as far as your eye can see.

4. Homemade soup; bubbling softly, warming the house with delicious aromas and comforting your tummy on chilly nights. I love homemade soup. Once the weather gets chilly, we have homemade soup once a week until it warms up again. Usually, if time allows we have homemade bread to go along with it. It is one of my favorite cold weather traditions. Tonight we are having beef stew. nights.

5.The soft, peacefulness of Christmas music. It's getting to be that time. Thanksgiving is almost here. And while I was doing errands this morning(7am is by far the best time to shop), I happily hummed along with the Christmas music playing out of the speakers.

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Awesome Abby said...

Ummm..I'd love to come and pull up a chair at your house...fireplace, comfy rocker and solitary room...beef stew...homemade bread....we could get our bellies full and then crochet and knit, enjoying the silence, or the dream!