Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It shoulda been me...

(note, this post is mostly whining.. see prior post about being hormonal, and add being late to that)

So for the past 10ish years I have participated in a football pool. It started out a fun thing with the family, and has graduated to a full blown money involved-50 people thing. I used to win a lot. Back before the money. In the days of circle your picks on a paper and we'd all compare on Monday night. FFWD 10 years. I haven't won a single week since money became involved. It is still fun, but it would be nice to win. Once. This week, I almost had it. Up until Yesterday, I was going to win. I had the points. I had the team picked, they won the damn game last night. And because we have a tie-breaker score pick for the Monday night game.. someone else won. My brother's Father-In-Law, who picked a few more points closer than I did OK, not a few. TWO points. I picked 57 points. He picked 59 points. The game was a total of 61 points. I pouted all morning. I know it's rather childish, and frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn. I honestly expected to wake up, log on and find out I won. Seems the planets are aligned all wrong.

The plus side to all of this, is I beat my whole family. I have parents, step-parents, brothers, sister-in-laws, grandparents and aunts and uncles all in this pool. Then we have my brother's in-laws, who are like my family, and there's sisters, brothers, in-laws and parents there also. Oh, and did I mention old teachers. Yah, see my brother works in my old high school. He teachers English, and once a month gets together with other teachers and plays poker. (Don't even get me started on how weird that is) Anyhow, he invited the poker crew to join our pool. It's very weird gambling with your old teachers. Weirder yet, is that some of them are still teaching. They were old when I was in HS, and that was a long time ago.

So there we have it. My near, almost doesn't count unless it's horseshoes or hand grenades, win. It almost could've been bearable. If my ear wasn't still hurting, and if I wasn't feeling irrational and hormonal, and if I wasn't late (later than normal cuz I'm always late by normal standards, and all that means really is that I'm hormonal longer, cuz well.. just does) and if I had some chocolate hidden away somewhere, and maybe, just maybe if it was 78 and sunny, and I was looking at a long weekend. Oh wait, I do have a long weekend. If only I could find some chocolate.

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Jeanie said...

Think of it this way... your odds just went up for winning the pot next time! Doesn't help much this time, I know. But still.