Sunday, November 13, 2005

I need....

So I read about this game today, where you go to google, type in "_____(your name here) needs" and post the first 10 replies. Now keep in mind, a lot of people have already played this game, so you have to sift through the links that are other people's blogs of the game. Ok, here's mine.

1. Beth needs prayers. Boy do I ever. A few prayers that I can get through this year and make it to June with my sanity in tact would do just fine thanks.

2. Beth needs your vote at Umm.. well. The only sport I've done latley is walking, and I don't think they have competitions for that. So thanks, but no thanks.

3. Beth needs a first floor bedroom. Well, as a matter of fact, I have a bedroom on the first floor of my house. And the way my knees are working latley (or not), maybe that bed will come in handy.

4. I think Beth needs to get real. (from the realworld) Hmmm.. I think I'm pretty "real" already.

5. Beth needs help making good choices. My kids would probably agree with this.. as they did NOT like the butternut squash soup I made for dinner last night.

6. Beth need to feel safe and poweful. Safe yes, powerful no. Although the boy might disagree with this statement.

7. Beth needs your help! Well, sure. I can always use some help. There are those leaves that blew over from my neighbor's yard..and the fall cleaning isn't quite done yet...

8. Beth needs to rediscover what made us fall in love with her in the first place.
Why yes, yes I do. Having self image issues, this is always a good thing.

9. Beth needs follow up surgeries. Hmm... so many issues, so little time. If they'd just fix me.

10. Beth does feel there may be a challenge. Well yes, this was a bit on the hard side. Have fun!

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Awesome Abby said...

i SO did this...wait til you see it in my's hilarious!