Monday, November 07, 2005

Rake your effing leaves already!!!!!

Maybe I'm just cranky. Or maybe I'm hormonal. Or it could be that the fluid in my ear that is making not only my ear hurt, but my throat along with it (and did I mention the dizziness?) is causing an imbalance in my mood. Perhaps the moon and the planets are lined up just right and the tides are pulling my good karma out to sea. Whatever it is.. I feel a little irrational.

See, last weekend we raked. I might have mentioned that we had a lot of leaves. We got half the year cleared, and most of the other half in piles. Then the week went by, and the places that we already raked, filled with leaves again. Not as many as we started with, but enough to make me grumble as I re-raked. I glared across the street at my neighbor's yard, and all his un-raked leaves, and continued raking.

See, we've been through this before. He doesn’t like to rake. He doesn't have time and every other excuse in the book. So I rake, and his leaves blow over back into my yard. Then he laughs and yucks, and swears he doesn't know where all those leaves came from, but it wasn't his yard.
This year, as I was raking on the first afternoon, he came out to chat and told me he found this guy who would come and blow all the leaves into piles, then come by with a truck and suck them up and haul them away for $80. And I was foolish enough to think.. well great, now they won't blow over my way.

So Saturday found us back outside, to haul away more leaves. And I found myself re-raking where I'd already raked. And glaring across the way. (don't get me wrong, I love my neighbors). But we got those imported leaves out, and a good chunk of the rest of our leaves.. and it got dark and we called it a day.

Today we had a high wind advisory. And when I came home from school.. I was greeted with a yard FULL OF EFFING LEAVES that weren't there this morning. And I looked over, and noticed that the amount of leaves in his yard was significantly smaller. Give me a damn break. It's bad enough to have to rake three tons of my own leaves..but I don't want to have to rake one ton of his leaves also. I don't. Next year I might rake all my leaves over to the side by his house, and put them at the edge of the road. Odds are that instead of blowing into his yard, they will all just blow back into mine.

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Jeanie said...

Wow! Someone else who's as hormonal as I am this week!!! Woohoo! Teasing ;-) But in all honesty, I would trade places with you this week in a heartbeat and gladly grumble about raking leaves. It's been one of those weeks for me, ya know???

Anyway... hang in there with the raking... maybe the wind will turn and blow the leaves right back over into his yard!