Sunday, November 06, 2005

We are the champions.. my friend

The sun was just coming up over the field when the players arrived. It was 8:30am and the first playoffs of the day were here already. A look of relief crossed the faces of the team as they looked around and realized what team they were playing against. You could almost hear them thinking aloud. "Well, we've beaten them twice already, we can do it again."

The game started, and the team played hard. Each time a goal was scored there was jumping and cheering on the field. Maybe a little too much, but hey when you're young, a win is a great thing. The other team was getting discouraged. They had adopted a "why are we even bothering attitude", despite getting 3 goals against us. Sometimes it's hard to play against your friends. The kids manage, and the other team gave a half hearted attempt at playing back. But in the end, we beat them 7-3.
The team headed home to rest. The next game was at 1:10. Against whoever won the late morning game. One of those teams is the only team that beat us all year. And just barely. But we just barely beat them also, and it was looming in the back of the kids minds. They knew that's who they'd be up against.

1:00. Everyone comes back to the field. There they are. The team that beat us. Our only loss all season long. But we have an advantage. We had the first game of the day. They've just played not too long ago. And even though they think they are "all that".. they play dirty. And our team knows it. The kids played hard. You could see their frustration with the other team, but they didn't let it get them down. And in the end, the better team won. 3-0. It was a win well deserved. Most of these kids played together on a team last year. This year we had a few new kids to the team, and they all "clicked" together and made one heck of a team. Congratulations Eagles. Job well done.

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Jeanie said...

Woohoo Eagles!!! Way to go! Gosh, I remember the all day soccer tournaments like it was yesterday. Oh, wait a minute. It WAS yesterday ;-)