Friday, June 30, 2006

P is for...

Photos. I took some photos on my walk tonight. I did the "short" walk (1.5 miles). I was going to go longer, but a young man who lives down the street tagged along on his bike, and as his home situation sucked and I suspected he needed a friendly chat with someone he knew (I worked with him last year at school) I took the shorter walk and we chatted the whole way. He's a nice kid.

Anyhow.. before I share with you some views from my walk.. here's my hedges. In all their clipped glory. It's a far back shot so you can see just how much hedge I have to work on. My arms still hurt.

River that flows from a pond on the other side of town.. underneath the mill and on past the elementary school. Not really sure where it comes out on the other end, but I walk over it every time I walk.

It's rather high right now due to all the rain we've gotten this spring.

Photo I took over near the mill.. looking at the town hall. The tip of town hall is sticking up in the background, and I loved the colors and the clouds.

My friend Chris, whom was riding his bike next to me as I walked (I slowed down so we could chat) was most impressed with the sunset, but more impressed with the clouds. He was wishing he had a camera to take a picture of it also.

Photo of the far end of the mill. The mill shut down the year we bought out house. They are working on converting it into condos/shopping etc. It should be fantastic when it's done. They used to blow the whistle at the start of the day, the 5 mins to 7 (You are going to be late for work), lunch and at the end of the day. It blew for a while after we moved in and was silenced. It blows once in a blue moon now.

A view of the town pond from the street around the common. The kids are attending a rec. program during the day over at the Recreation area... and taking swimming lessons at the same time. They have fun, and as I have no car, it gives them something enjoyable to do during the day. Next week they are going bowling.

And when I start back to work the week after, I don't have to stress about them being home for half a day alone. Win-win for everyone.

We live next to the town hall (to the right as you look at this view) so this is the last thing I see as I come home. It's decked out for the 4th but it was starting to get dark so you can't much tell.

I enjoy my walk. It takes me down a hill and up the other side (it's mostly a loop) and I never tire of the view along the way. Near the mill on the the backside (the mill is in the middle of the loop) grow some lovely wild flowers, but my photo of those didn't come out. The river changes, the gardens in the people's yards I walk by change, the sky changes.. there is always something new to see.

But the best part of it all, is coming home.

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