Monday, June 12, 2006

Yellow...and.. Round....?

I rolled over, in a state of half-drunk with sleep, and this bright light was shining in my face. Several incoherent thoughts flashed through my mind, the last of which was something similar to, "If you don't shut that g.d. light off, I'm pushing you out of bed." Clearly the thoughts of a rational, well rested person, right?

I cracked an eye open and realized that it wasn't a lamp shining in my face. It was the sun! I haven't seen the sun in so long, I forgot what it looks like. As it rises towards the side of the room that my side of the bed faces.. I sleep with my blinds turned the other way, to keep the light off my face. This is also helpful to diffuse street lamps. My next house.. will so be pitch dark at night. Not only did I awaken to the sun today.. it stayed out ALL. Day. Long!

It's amazing what a little sun will do for your mood. The only thing that has put a damper on this day, is this vice-gripping headache I can't seem to shake. We only have 1 more Monday. Today, was the last day I had to do MAP testing for the year. And, this afternoon we had a storyteller come to school today, Odds Bodkin. What a rockin' good time that was. And did I mention that the sun was out??

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