Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Random Wednesday

It's quiet at my house today, aside from the birds chirping up a storm outside. The cat is in the house, so I think they are complaining that they are low on food in the feeder. Dudes, it's raining out.. you're going to have to wait!

Ms. Thang is off at the summer rec. program. Her brother opted to stay home today. They both went for a check-up yesterday, and he scored himself a shot in each arm. As tetanus was one of the shots, he has a baseball sized lump on his arm and is quite sore today. I thought it was pretty mature of him to reason with me that he can't swim, can't play games and might as well stay home. I agreed and he actually has been a bit of a help around the house today. Totally different kid when he doesn't have his sister around to antagonize.

Due to the effing rain, not only can't I paint, I can't finish trimming my hedges either. Y'all.. the boy bought me a new set of hedge trimmers this year. And I was hesitant to use them. Our old pair came with our house and they were dull and heavy and awkward and I decided years ago to just trim the hedges by hand. In less time than I worked on them yesterday by hand, I had 60% of my work done last night with the electric trimmers. They kick arse! They are lighter, sharper and a lot less awkward. Being there is no sun today, I thought I'd share my sunflowers. How they are thriving out there in all the rain with no sun is beyond me. I started them from seeds, planted them across the side of the kids playhouse, and hoped for the best. The boy weed-wacked half of them out when they were wee babies, and this is all that is left. This was the first bit of sun they've had in about a week. They are the multi-colored kind, and I can't wait to see how they come out.

This, is my sock. I mentioned last week that I was at the toe. Friday morning, while I watched a bit of GMA before the kids awoke, I finished the toe and was getting ready to graft the sides together. I went back to the pattern to see if there were grafting directions, as I never can remember how it goes.. and discovered that I missed part of the toe pattern. I was supposed to knit around every other row. Yah, I didn't do that. So since Friday evening, I've been tinking back the toe. Tinking is a very slow process and takes twice as long as the original knitting. I finished this morning while GMA said goodbye to Charlie Gibbson, and that pile of yarn is what is left of the toe. I'm hoping that later this afternoon (nothing else to do, it's raining.. again) or tonight I will get that toe knit up and grated and I can move on to my other sock. The best laid plans.. right?

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