Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What The....

Once upon a time, in a different lifetime when Ms. Thang was a wee lass (I'm thinking around, oh 2.. she's almost 9 now) I worked for Macy's. Actually, I worked for Federated Dept. Stores, at Macy's in the lingerie dept. to be exact. The best part of that job, was the discount. When added to a fabulous clearance you could buy items for next to nothing. It certainly wasn't the hours, nor was it my boss, nor was it helping women with saggy tata's find support garments. (all you trolls can just leave now.. nothing to read here).

You might also remember, that I live in southwestern NH. I grew up in MA, and then NH.. and I love Boston. I love everything about Boston, except the driving. When I go into Boston I don't drive. But I'm drifting.. This morning, a bit of news caught my attention. Seems that Macy's in Boston's downtown crossing has this window display promoting Boston Pride. It was there yesterday. Today it is not. Aside from the weird manboobs on the mannequins, I really see nothing wrong with it. However, it would seem that a whole lot of other people did. The only reason that I think you should check out that link, is so you can see what the window looked like today. Other than that, I think the Mass Resistance group is a little extreme and please don't think I am in any way supporting their site.

What bothers me too, other than the hotshots at Macy's folding to an extremist group, is that along with the Boston Pride website, they also took down the Aids Action Committe website. Because don'tcha know.. only homosexuals get AIDS. (sighs). I hate that they are a Christian group. I hate the image stuff like this gives to those of us who are religious and yet a bit liberal.. and don't agree with this same sentiment. And I hate, that in these United States of America... land of the free, home of the brave and all that.. we discriminate against our own people based on race, religion and sexual preference.. in the year 2006. Give me a break.

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tspwlv said...

I'm so with you on this. As I remarked to my DH yesterday, the way our government is acting you'd think it was all those gay Mexican immigrants who are flying planes into skyscrapers.