Saturday, May 13, 2006

Build Me a Floating Zoo....

I took this photo Monday morning before school. You'll notice it's dry. There is a bit of a sun-thing going on, and it looks to be a lovely day in the making. It got dreary later on, and has been so ever since.

It has rained and rained and rained, and been grey and dreary and drizzly... and buckets of rain have fallen from the sky.

I know I have gone on about this already this week... but when you have to turn your heat back on because it's so damp and cold in your house, and it's half-way through May.. it consumes your thinking. All I can think is that it's May... and I need the sun. Especially after winter has just ended. When you live in New England, and especially northern New England like I do... the only thing that gets you through the last dreary months is the promise of spring.

Now that spring is here, in all it's glory, I'm feeling a little let down. The world around me is turning green, and I can't even enjoy it. I haven't walked in a week, my herbs still aren't planted, and I haven't spent enough time on my swing. Yet, I stay here. Each other place that I've ever though I might like to live wouldn't make me as happy as being here does. We don't have much humidity in the summer, nor does it get sweltering hot. We have seasons that change in a regular manner, and I couldn't imagine giving up a single one of them. It's not normal to have 75 degree weather in December, nor is is normal to have rain 89% of the year. I am happy here.

I just need a little solar therapy.

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