Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just Another Random Wednesday.....

We're in the home stretch with sock number one. 3 more inches of foot, and the toe, some finishing work.. and one of my feet will be toasty next winter. The great thing about knitting socks, is that you can pick them up when you have say 15 minutes, and knit a few rounds, and then put it down until you can steal some more time away. Obviously my goal of a pair by the end of the month isn't going to happen. Being it's 10pm-ish on the last day, I'm thinking it's safe to bet that one sock isn't going to be done. That's the way it goes. I'm trying not to think of the other unfinished projects I have lying around either.. (not one word about that prayer shawl.. I have such guilt that it's not finished yet, and my MIL is back in the really is more like a small blanket than a shall. Next time I think I'll crochet it.).

You can't much tell, but my boys are tossing a football around behind those bushes. I didn't figure they'd be agreeable to having their photo taken, so I didn't. It warms my heart to see this. Mr. Man is soooooo not into organized sports. And neither is his dad. But he asked him to go out back and play catch with the football after dinner, and the boy said yes. I couldn't resist. The boy tells me that the only sport he ever wanted to play was football. And my MIL had a fit because she probably thought he'd get hurt, or kill himself. She's quirky like that. I bet he would've been really good at football. It's a shame. Mr. Man is short, and to add insult to injury, he has short legs. So he isn't a good runner, nor is he fast. He feels like he gets picked on at school when they play, say kickball or something else. And what makes it worse for him, is that his sister who is 2.5 years younger, has legs up to there and can keep up with the best of them.

This sad looking plot is my old vegetable garden, fondly known as the "dirt garden". Last year, after I decided I wasn't going to try and grow vegetables there anymore, I weeded it out with the hopes of getting some flowers into it. The boy walked past later that day and said, "what are you growing this year, dirt?" So it kind of stuck. I was out looking at it today, and along with the weeds, there seems to be grass growing back in. That's my rotten kind of luck. I have a vision for this space starting. A bird bath in the middle, some low flowering shrubs around it, and flowers.. but I'm not sure what kind yet. And maybe some lavender. But definitely not vegetables. Just not enough sun. (go figure, it's a south facing plot.)

This is my new vegetable garden. Actually, I'm dry running the spot in the back yard where I think I'm going to put in a new vegetable garden. So I got some plants, and put them in pots, and I'm monitoring how much sun that section of the yard gets each day. So far it's looking fabulous and next year we'll put in a raised bed and be back in business. This year we are growing only cucumbers, green peppers and 2 different kinds of tomatoes. I'll keep you posted. My next house is going to have enough land that I can have a big ole garden.. with melon's and pumpkins. And corn, I think corn might be fun to grow. And definitely an orchard of sorts.. maybe peaches, and a few assorted apples. If it weren't so cold.. lemon's would be fun. Or.. Or.....

And lastly, I give you my cat. Sitting on the bench dh made me a few years ago as a surprise gift. It was the best surprise I ever received. I had told him that someday I'd like a bench for that corner of the yard, and he gave me a great wooden one. I think I blogged about it once before, but I can't find the post. So just settle with the cat. Bella (which is Italian for beautiful) is almost 8 years old. We got her when she was a bitty kitty, because we had inherited a psycho cat from my mother and the boy surprised me with a kitten to balance the scales. Bella decided almost right away that she belonged to Mr. Man. She sleeps on his bed, sometimes oh his head at the top of his pillow, she sits with him, she goes into his room every morning about the time that he is getting up to say hello to him. She's just his cat, or as I prefer to say, he's her human. She doesn't like Wednesdays either. She told me so.

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